Breaking Glass Pictures
Named after David Bowie’s 1977 hit song, the new film distribution firm founded by Richard Wolff and Richard Ross is committed to distributing a wide range of provocative and challenging films from all genres. Breaking Glass will also distribute up to twelve titles a year through their new specialty label, Vicious Circle Films, dedicated to extreme material. Breaking Glass will focus on releasing a wide range of provocative and challenging films from Horror, Gore, LGBT, and more. Breaking Glass’ initial slate includes the explicit rock film, The Band, from Australian director Anna Brownfield, and queer cult director Everett Lewis’ Lucky Bastard, about a man whose life spirals out of control when he falls for a street hustler. First from Vicious Circle is Hanger, the new film from director Ryan Nicholson about a fetus from a botched abortion who lives to seek revenge, and the soon-to-be cult-classic, Joseph Guzman’s Run Bitch Run, an homage to the classic rape revenge films such as Ms. 45 and I Spit On Your Grave.

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