Welcome to 360 Sound and Vision. We produce quality Independent films that Hollywood wouldn't talk about. We believe in utilizing the art of film making to create quality meaningful and visually stimulating motion pictures. To date we have brought you The Minority, a feature film set in NYC starring Billoah Greene (Cold Case, The Shield, Jozi-H, Levity), about a naive man who thinks racism is done with, until he gets a strong dose of reality one day in this satirical film on reality by award winning filmmaker Dwayne Buckle. We also have brought you The Glasses, an eerie science-fiction short film that tells the story of a pair of sunglasses that enables the wearer to see images of the not to distant future, and soon to come, another short of the same title, The Glasses: Episode II. But keep in mind we focus more on Independent feature films, and will be bringing to you soon such hits as AKL and CYBORRNETIX all produced by 360 Sound and Vision Entertainment.

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