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  1. Tickling Techniques
  2. Rubber Surprise
  3. Pain Dance
  4. Magic Makes Money
  5. Bondage The American Way
  6. Master Of The House
  7. Obedience Training
  8. Spanking For Caron
  9. Tickling Aerobics
  10. Slap & Tickle
California Star Productions

Commonly referred to as "CalStar," California Star Productions offers many high-quality fetish titles, specifically bondage, spanking, tickling and discipline. They boast a whole new look for the twenty-first century.

Title Any

Tickling Techniques

Video: Tickling Techniques

5 Ratings

Date Added: 2018-05-16

Francesca isn't having a good day at work, but when she speaks to her girlfriend . . .


Rubber Surprise

Video: Rubber Surprise

10 Ratings
Release Year: 1986
Date Added: 2018-05-09

Mike held Linda and felt the smooth, cool rubber under his hands and smiled. He was . . .


Pain Dance

Video: Pain Dance

8 Ratings

Date Added: 2018-05-02

Mistress Kat, famed San Francisco Dominant, puts her boy Stevie through an exciting . . .


Magic Makes Money

Video: Magic Makes Money

5 Ratings
Release Year: 2005
Date Added: 2018-04-25

Cindee Cox has been bound and left briefly while Magic goes out on the prowl for . . .


Bondage The American Way

Video: Bondage The American Way

9 Ratings
Release Year: 2003
Date Added: 2018-04-16

The off campus house is usually teaming with girls, But today is different. Aubrey . . .

Stars: ,

Master Of The House

Video: Master Of The House

7 Ratings
Release Year: 1995
Date Added: 2018-04-11

There are certain advantages to being young, attractive, and female. Samantha and . . .


Obedience Training

Video: Obedience Training

6 Ratings
Release Year: 2001
Date Added: 2018-04-04

Suzy is upset when she discovers that her dog, who has just received some very expensive . . .


Spanking For Caron

Video: Spanking For Caron

10 Ratings

Date Added: 2018-03-31

Caron has once again been called into the study by her caretaker to confront the . . .


Tickling Aerobics

Video: Tickling Aerobics

4 Ratings
Release Year: 1996

Keeping fit and trim these days is not easy for some people. Their social activities . . .


Slap & Tickle

Video: Slap & Tickle

10 Ratings
Release Year: 1999

Trixxi runs a special kind of massage parlor, one that specializes in tickling patients. . . .

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