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2019-06-19I just wanted to say how much I love this site. I've bought many videos and I have always had a satisfying experience. There are so many girls that I've discovered that I probably wouldn't have known about if I had not been a member of this site. I'm a huge fan of big butts and JOI and I'm so glad you have both in great abundance. Keep up the good work! I look forward to buying from you again.
2016-09-03I just wanted to drop y'all a line and say I've enjoyed your site and service thus far. Lots of content and when I did need help. Getting hold of someone was easy and they guided right through my perceived issue.
2015-09-22Thank you so much for the quick, prompt response. You always take care of your customers and show the utmost quality service. Which is why I have been a customer for years and I will always be. Thank you so much. The film I would like to choose for download is: Lesbian Family Affair, released by Filly Films in 2014. Thanks again for making up for this outage & inconvenience. :)
2015-09-04I joined this site for MAGDALENE [St. Michaels] HERSELF , and because i am a big enthusiast fir LESBIAN EROTICA. her videos are great, combining STORY VALUES WITH TRUE EROTICA! Please pass on my compliments to her. She has a marvelous acting style, often subtle, always smoulderingly erotic!
2015-08-28I love your great selection of granny movies - great wanking for so many hours. I especially love any movies starring Kathy Jones - I have "My 50th Birthday Bang" on another site but it is very poor quality, so it would be great if you could find a good copy of this movie. You recently got Gilf gangbangs, which is amazing. Just love your granny videos.
2015-08-17Thanks for the speedy response. Unsurprisingly, this appears to be a Firefox problem (notoriously rubbish with video streaming!) and I have now tried with IE and all seems well. In the meantime, I must say how fantastic Hot Movies customer service is (this is my second email from the team on different issues...I am new to your site so I'm encountering a few 'teething problems'). Us Brits could learn a lot from you! Many thanks, Steve
2015-08-07Due to climbing accident 15 yrs ago, I am both a double bilateral amputee, aka "crip" & poor. you are the first movie site that piqued my interest, and you seem to have excellent ladies, selection, etc. due to recent surgery and zap treatments, I can't see too well, let alone "enjoy" hehe. [I have] few friends, main porn interest is see "bonding-tolerating" interactions. U rock, I roll.
2015-06-29To HM Support: I just had my problem completely solved by Sue!! She was great! The entire process took place in in quick order; old silverlight was uninstalled and new silverlight replaced it. Everything now works on both of my HM websites (TLA is the other). Thank you again. I could not be more pleased with the response and service I received from HM, especially Sue.
2015-06-23Dear Susan I can let you know that the problem was fixed within the hour and the scene available for proper downloading. I call this customer service at its very best. I would like to thank you and your team for your time and excellent assistance! Regards, Orpheu
2015-03-03Yes, many happy hours of wanking on your site. The picture quality is always excellent. Thanks so much again - I asked about this Kathy Jones gangbang video a few years ago, so I am delighted to see it finally appear, and in much better quality than the version of it that I have on another site.
2015-02-02My watching has become an addiction interfering with life. I need to delete my account completely before I install security software on it. I realize I have a lot of minutes on it.
2015-01-24I could write pages about how your theater surpasses my expectations and provides me with even more prolonged and salacious sexual pleasures than I had hoped when I first entered, and about the unique features of your site. I can't imagine how the site could possibly be any better than it already is, except by just keeping up the fanfuckintastic work that you are doing. The more I cruise around your theater looking for my favorite specimens of naked sexual maleness, and the more I indulge in looking at them with total lust and getting into it with them, the better it gets. Just when I think it can't get any better than this, it gets better yet. I am still learning to appreciate and "enjoy" all the features and all the unbelievable quantity of MY content that your theater has.
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