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2015-01-24I could write pages about how your theater surpasses my expectations and provides me with even more prolonged and salacious sexual pleasures than I had hoped when I first entered, and about the unique features of your site. I can't imagine how the site could possibly be any better than it already is, except by just keeping up the fanfuckintastic work that you are doing. The more I cruise around your theater looking for my favorite specimens of naked sexual maleness, and the more I indulge in looking at them with total lust and getting into it with them, the better it gets. Just when I think it can't get any better than this, it gets better yet. I am still learning to appreciate and "enjoy" all the features and all the unbelievable quantity of MY content that your theater has.
2015-01-13Just keep up the good work. Your site is too wonderful to believe, absolutely floods me with exactly the kind of scenes that I can pick out so specifically. I love hairy, hairy, hairy real men jacking off, and with your advanced search I am able to find so MANY of them not only pricking my appetite and arousing me to a peak but taking me all the way to satisfaction. THANK YOU for all your work that makes this happen so deliciously.
2014-09-24I'm a long time customer. I really enjoy your selection of the Italian studios, such as Salieri and ATV. Especially Salieri. I encourage you to get more videos in this category. Thanks, George
2014-09-19Thank you for maintaining a great site for all these years, please never stop. I would like to see more of more black dirty debutantes. If you see Ed, please send my thanks and kindest regards.
2014-09-10Your site is amazing. I've been able to find videos on here that I can't find anywhere else but on sites to buy DVDs. I was wondering if you could tell me who the girl is in the video title "Little Chicks Crave Big Cocks 5". It's a compilation video that features one of the hottest girls I've seen but can't find her name anywhere. I've only seen her in two (2) compilation videos, the one mentioned above and I think it was "Sex toys & tattoos 5". In the video "Little Chick Crave Big Cocks 5" the girl is in the last scene with pierced nipples doing a scene with a African American dude before it goes to the "cumshot compilation" of all the girls on the video.
2014-08-09Just wanted to say, that I really love your site. It's easily the best PPV porn site and deserves to be around for years and years and years to come. Thank you for existing.
2014-07-23Hi, I'm a huge fan of Johnny Madnis, I'm his fan number 1, could you please tell me what happened to him? why he is not active anymore? he is the HOTTEST male porn star ever, PLEASE he has many, many fans that would LOVE to see him back, and to see more of his movies and his acting, he is so beautiful, we miss him very much, he has the such a HUGE ass and also the hottest ass ever, was Johnny a model before acting? because he was very HOT, I have bought all his movies because I really love him, and I and all his fans would buy more and all of his new movies if he make more movies. You can't imagine how many fans he has, he has a lot and lot of fans that want him back, PLEASE tell Johnny to make more movies, or is there any website in which we (his fans) can write to him directly?? we really love him and would love to see him in action back again, I really hope you read this huge request, Johnny is my favorite and always will be, we, his fans, really love him and miss him, thank you for reading. Best wishes to you.
2014-07-07I've been looking for a movie that was so rare (Project: Ginger), it took me 5 years to find it. It was actually a quest of mine to find it for that long and I have spent well over 100 hours looking with no success. I found it on your site today. Because of my accomplishment, your site will forever be the first site that I use to search for anything related to adult movies. You guys are awesome.
2014-07-06I do not have any problems. I'd just like to ask you a question. I have been a member of your site for a few years and have always received amazing response. Your website is the greatest streaming site I have ever seen. All your films stream near perfectly. Hotmovies contain very rare films which I had thought I would never find again. That's why this is my favorite film site. I would just like to ask, if it would be possible to request some films. I understand this might be a lot to ask, but it can't hurt to try. I have noticed you have many softcore film versions as well, on your website. I was wondering if I could please request some softcore versions of movies from Televison X? If you are able to obtain these? I would even be willing to pay extra to make these softcore versions available. Thank You
2014-06-18Just wanted to state that this website is awesome not only for the vast content, but pretty decent deals. I wish more promo's were e-mailed out or special little 10 or 30 minute free deals, but meanwhile seeing everything and the content is overwhelming in the best of ways. Thanks!
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