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2014-05-26Hello, I've been using your site for some years now and with all of these constant updates and let me just say you guys are doing great. Very great! Know that there are people like me who will come back here more often because of all the work so far.
2014-04-28I appreciate you taking the time to reply to each of the 6 or so suggestions I sent.Prompt, insightful, and helpful replies such as those are one reason I favor your site. Kudos to you.
2014-03-23Not having a problem...just getting tired of seeing silicon instead of real boobs... I would much rather see the real thing than something that has been artificially inflated....kinda like using a strap on instead of my own penis...
2014-03-21Wow great - I am really impressed with your customer support - and will gladly spend more money on your site Keep up the good work :-) S
2014-03-20Dear team, I am looking for a particular book that matches my fantasies. Some thing like where a successful business women or diva enslaves a man who has been once her ex boyfriend,and ditched her. She enslaves him on blackmailing ground like some tax frauds or some thing else. She herself is married to one business tycoon and with her husband's help she enslaves him. Once he is enslaved she relegate his life as her servant who does all the house hold chores i.e Cleaning home,gardening,vacuuming floors,doing laundry,cleaning toilets,washing cars etc...while she enjoys her super luxurious life with her present husband.she kisses openly her husband before him to tease Him and wear extremely revealing cloths which he liked most when they were together. She make him join cooking classes,massage therapy,manicure pedicure classes to improve his domestic skills She monitor his work very closely and punish him according to his shortfalls She and her husband even take him to various vacation spots( they are super rich and have farm houses all over the world)as they need servant to take care of personal needs like making drinks,cleaning farm house Cooking on island etc.He continue to work whereas they enjoy there time relaxing,playing on beaches and even making love on beaches. She even send him to her friends(only female) home to clean there homes, toilet and other dome. More she dominates him ,more she becomes successful in professional life.slowly slowly she takes his.domination to public. His husband is quite proud of having a bold wife that keeps human slave. She loves her husband very much.they kiss each other 12times a day just to keep spice in there wedding life.every weekend they spend on different island and she boldly wear all those tiny bikinis ,sarongs in home also. Regards
2014-01-12Thank you very much! I’m very impressed with the customer service that I’ve received. Before contacting you I thought I was out of luck. I had the impression that the porn industry was “shady” and figured I was out of luck. You definitely changed my mind and I thank you for that. Timmy T.
2014-01-08You're welcome and it is working a whole lot better now. Makes watching the videos a greater experience for sure. If there is anything else I can do with my settings, browser, media player etc to make it even better please let me know. Thank you again, Alan
2014-01-07I have to thank you for your prompt responses. It seems like your customer service is excellent and because of that, I am strongly leaning towards using your site. I have never used pay porn site before.
2013-12-25I just wanted to thank you all for the free gifts and have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday's! You provide a great service. Thank you.
2013-12-20Just wanted to say that your site and your products are great, and to thank you, and to wish everyone Happy Holidays, and a Happy and Healthy New Year!!
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