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2013-12-02Please add more movies from the companies above, The woman are much prettier, the bondage is more elegant, and the sets are not all dungeons. It seems that lately all you are posting in Bondage are studios like DOMA, Fetish Network, and some I have never heard of. These studios use woman covered in tattoos, bad skin, over-piercings, overweight, and some I could swear I see past bullet wounds on some. While some may think Calstar, Harmony, and the bigger studios are too scripted, fake, or unrealistic, these are the big ones for a reason. Prettier woman, household settings, better camera work, etc.
2013-11-28I've been a long time member hotmovies.com. I'm currently going through a very tough situation in my life I had to quit my job after working at BWW for 17 years and now. I'm on Social Security disability because I suffer from depression and my income is very very limited and I just got divorced after 20 years of marriage and the holiday season coming on. I'm very much alone and have no funds. I just wondered there was anyway that you could bless me with some free minutes because I can assure you that I will continue to be a member and by packages. thank you
2013-11-28Happy Thanksgiving
2013-11-15Hi, let me first just say that I really enjoy your site and the updates every day and week. I've come to enjoy Fake Taxi and Public Agent A few things in particular I would like to see are some sleep or night invasion type movies, some more chikan type movies, and maybe some classic vintage cream pie movies. Again these are just things I'd like to see more of if you could find some if not its ok I still enjoy the site and all the movies it has to offer I've come to really love and enjoy watching a certain porn star Frankie La Rue she's amazing and love her videos. Anal Pool Party 6 (been nice to see her get a lot of creamp! ie in there lol), my high school reunion gangbang, and some others. Well thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts, love the site, love watching Frankie La Rue she has truly become my top favorite lol.
2013-11-03I enjoy watching pornography. Your "Shemale Strokers" series is superb and I own all of them. I also own many others. Unfortunately, I often receive dvds from other sources which are corrupted. Your quality control measures are superb and I appreciate your hard work. Thanks for your professional and excellent service.
2013-09-18I LOVE Bianca especially early years before the breast enhancement. 1 movie Phantom with I think Jamie Gillis another best chest in the west and another older movie with Bianca. Also would love if you could find Love Bunnies series amateur and pro lesbian! I would greatly appreciate it!
2013-09-16Watched one of your videos at a friends home. I was impressed with the quality. Nothing phoney about the video,like so many others are. I'm 68 years old and would like info on purchasing your videos for my home library.I would appreciate any assistance that you can provide for me. Thank you!
2013-08-29Thank you for your really fast support on this issue. Amazing. Certain large national companies could learn a thing or two from you when it comes to customer support/service.
2013-08-25I love Adrienne Manning. In her masturbation with dildo I'd like always to hear about the music of her moans mixed with the melody of her wet pussy fucked by a dildo or fingers. I would love hundreds of playtime videos with Adrienne solo.
2013-07-31I'll take the 100 minutes please. Thank you for your attention in this matter and for such good customer service. I appreciate that......
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