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2013-07-28Oooo I am sorry for that didn't know thanks you guys rock.
2013-07-27Hi! I would like the credit, please. Thank you very much. That is a fair solution, and a judicious one. I have to say -- everyone whom I've spoken to at your call center or tech support -- has been very professional, very courteous and just plain nice. Oh, and you guys are people, not chatbots!!! (those ubiquitous automated computer voice-menu programs). So please thank all involved and --- with the issuing of the credit -- this matter has been put to bed. Therefore, have a great day, or night, I don't know where you are. I am in NY and, btw, I will surely tell all my (over-sexed) friends about your site. All's well!
2013-07-26Hi there, Thank you for doing this. I agree that this was my mistake and I appreciate your help on this. Regards, Jeff
2013-07-25Thank you, finally a company that compensates for its clients inconveniences. Class act guys! Grts from Belgium
2013-06-21We love your site, my wife and I spend hours on here cheers.
2013-06-15We received the check. Thank you very much. We found that many companies make promises, but only a few actually pay. You are one of them and that's the kind of relationship we like to continue and grow. Talk soon, Tom
2013-03-21I must say - You people are very sharp and 'on' your tasks! I wish the rest of the world worked as efficient as you people do! Great job!
2013-03-21Keep up the good work. I have been a member for many years now and you rock the competition.
2013-03-16Hello jules jordan how are you? i was wondering if another edition of throat injection was coming out. That's one of my favorite series with you guys so i hoping it wasn't discontinued. I wanted to know if there was any chance of getting Anita Peida, Leilani leeanne, Pinky, monet divine, Roxy Reynolds, baby cakes, sydnee capri for next or future editions. As a fan i'd really love to see that if possible:)
2013-03-01Hi, I am very proud to be member of the best vod site on the net. You guys have come a long way. I still think you need to add more black dirty debs, but you have to feed the main site I understand. Faithfully Yours Peter
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