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2007-01-30Hey, I think your sire is great. Im a fan your older women section and would love to see more 50 plus movies, preferably large breasted women like the many foriegn movies found in the older women section
2007-01-30I really like checking out some of the films I gerw up with, please continue to expand your 80s and 90s section. I really want to see Devil in Miss Jones 3 and Return to Sex Fifth Avenue, they were my favorites when I was a teenager and haven't seen them in years. Great site!
2007-01-27 Hotmovies is like having a huge adult video library at my disposal. I do not have any motivation to download movies because I can stream them whenever I want and I have got broadband. If I had dial-up, I'd probably download content a lot more before viewing.
2007-01-24I think your website is awesome. I received a coupon for 30 minutes free when I was purchasing some DVDs at an adult video store. I used the thirty minutes and now I can't get enough. It is so convenient to just purchase minutes and not have to worry about monthly fees. Also, you guys have a large selection and great picture quality. Angel Eyes is my favorite performer and you have several of her movies on your site that I have not been able to find anywhere. I can watch whatever scene that I want without having pay 40 or 50 dollars to purchase a DVD. Keep up the good work you are doing a great job.
2007-01-24I really like browsing for clips. Maybe its my short attention span, or the fact that I do not have the interest in watching an entire movie. Thats why I buy time rather than rent a specific movie. Only rarely do I see something that's archive worthy. When "rarely" happens (Who knew that former 60's TV babe Angelique Pettyjohn from episodes of "Get Smart" and Star Trek, did porn!, or "classic" scenes, or novelty pieces ("Capt'n Mongo's Porno Playhouse" that cracks me up) then I would like the ability to download. I also prefer the discretion of digital media vs hard copies. The kids won't find your stash and when you're tired of it, you can just delete it.
2007-01-22The online service is simply much better than a full purchase as the selection is much wider - and you can search freely in th engines
2007-01-21Downloads are nice, but the streaming content this website provides is ideal for me, because generally, I only watch an adult film one time.
2007-01-21Having a large selection available online at any time for a reasonable amount of money is great. Especially, when you do not have to worry about your credit card being automatically charged monthly.
2007-01-21Man I cant get enough of this site. I am like a kid in a candy store. I come back twice a day to check for new movies. And I seqrch like crazy for old favorites.
But I was just wondering if a local can point you to some of these stars websites. I mean I know a lot of them that have site that are not listed for their bio on your site. As I find them I will send you the link to help keep the bios updated.
Just let me know if so or if you dont want me to do that .
2007-01-21This has to be by far the best payperview on the web. Any more Porsche lynn or Nina Hartley or Amber Lynn movies? Like " Those lynn girls" By vivid or Naked Ambition VCA. Also looking for any viv thomas movies or marc dorcel or andrew blake. Thanks a million
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