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2013-02-15Dear Sir Upon your recommendation, yesterday, I added the Fetish Channel to my Roku device. I was immediately able to view my streams that were not viewable on the Hot Movies Channel. I would like to express my gratitude for your prompt and courteous assistance. I enjoy your service very much and hope to continue to do so for many years to come. Once again please accept my most sincere thanks for your attention to this matter, and have a very nice day -
2013-01-09Hi, First of all I have to say that I am very impressed by the prompt reply from your site, therefore thank you so much.
2012-12-27I just wanted to say that you guys are awesome. Have a great day. And happy new year (in a couple of days) to all of you.
2012-12-23I've been with hotmovies for 2 1/2 years and its the best adult site and I've brought my own huge porn library I've got over 350 titles and the average length of a film is 3 hours so I've got over 1000 hours of porn that's AMAZING.
2012-11-22I was having computer trouble lately. The site was skipping and freezing so I e-mailed support and they gave me a link to tune-up utilities 2013. I tried it and WOW great now. Thank them for me.
2012-11-16I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your site. With all of your selections I am turned on to more and more performers that take my pleasure into another dimension. I feel great after using viewing your films. You have a wonderful site.
2012-11-14My name is Anthony, I have seen a lot of your videos mainly the tickling videos and I love watching hot girls tickle each other naked. I am thinking that maybe you should make a video of lesbians tickling each other while they make out. First have them making out having sex in the bedroom undressing each other and then starting tickling when they are naked. they can be doing both having sex and tickling at the same time. Some of those really famous porn stars will be great for this kind of video. I would really love to see this kind of movie, lesbian having sex and tickling each other at the same time, moaning laughing, and squirming will be a really big turn on. Anyway let me know that you think of this.
2012-11-04In these strange turbulent changeable days were all going through these days its nice to escape for a few hours log into my hotmovies account and just escape from these crazy times were living in press the play button watch the porn it takes all the stress and anxiety of these days away porn i find is a release from stress hotmovies is the best its a get away from stress into a oasis of pleasure at the click of a button all the madness around goes and you step into another world thanks so much hotmovies for bring pleasure in a world of madness
2012-10-23Any Scene, Budapest Episode 10 Scene 1, where the model is wearing shoes is NOT a HOT Scene!!!
2012-10-22Over all I like this site. I rent the download versions of the videos. One thing that I think would make this site better is to get all the studios to provide all videos in the download versions. I hate streaming videos. I have to be on line and buffering are two major factors. Bijou, Bel Ami and William Higgins are my favorite studios but I would like to see all studios provide download versions. However, if this could happen, I would have a harder time picking great videos and my piggy bank will be empty soon. Thanks for reading this.
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