Last month, released our first video in the Ask Ron Anything series to coincide with his fun and incredible Reddit IAmA. This month, Ron Jeremy tackles something a little more personal - whether he's ever been in love!

To find out the answer, check out the video of the latest episode, or read the text in its entirety below!

Ron: Last month, we asked our readers and fans to submit any and all questions they may have for me to answer. Each month, we take one submission. We will post the video on with my candid and honest reply. We have received an overwhelming response, giving us a whole variety of questions to choose from. It was a difficult decision, but we narrowed it down to one winner, and without further ado...

Q: Have you ever been in love? - Ryan from Cleveland, OH.

Ron: I have been in love - the girl I talked about earlier. I've had 5 girlfriends in my life, Margie, Alice, Tanya, Venice, and Juniper. Those are the 5 girls. Juniper is the one that meant the most to me, I was thinking about having kids with her. Didn't work out because of the travel, but we still are the best of friends. So, yes, of course I've been in love, I've also been hurt, we all go through that.

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