Mon DD, 2019 - On a superficial level, most people would balk at the idea of being submissive. But, if they thought about it, really thought it through, they would see the freedom, enjoyment, and pleasure that comes from ridding yourself of the responsibility of making decisions, trying to get things right, and making sure everyone is taken care of. You will often find that people who enjoy being submissive in the bedroom are the polar-opposite outside the bedroom. This week, we are featuring scenes and movies where the performers do just that: allow others to decide for them, and just submit to the desires of someone or something else, opening themselves to a world of pleasure they normally are unable to experience.

Featured Movie: Submissive And Limitless from Zone Sexuelle

arienh submissive

ArienH is a true submissive. There is no fear in her eyes, just the excitement and anticipation of the pleasure she will derive from being helpless and submitting to the sadistic whims of her master. She is tied up, poked, and prodded in front of an audience of young men who sit and watch with curiosity and awe as she gets a double-vaginal penetration from her two masters.

Featured Series: Her Limit from LetsDoeIt

liv revamped mike angelo

They may have changed their name, but LetsDoeIt (previously known as Porndoe), haven't changed their substance, and they keep on churning out some of the best European fetish east of the Atlantic Ocean. The Her Limit series has also been released under different names, but it has always featured popular porn stars testing the limits of their abilities and their sexual desires by submitting to the likes of voracious fuckers like Mike Angelo. In her opening interview, Liv Revamped confesses she came all the way from Los Angeles to test the limits of her sexual prowess. She performs in porn movies and doesn't have a boyfriend because she doesn't think anyone out there can handle her sexual appetite. Watch and see if Mike is up to the challenge.

Featured Star: Lyen-Parker featured in My Personal Plaything

Lyen Parkerlyen parker sensi

Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, but they will "throw ropes" when they are living with the Hungarian-born Lyen-Parker. At 5'10", Parker is a tall drink of water and easily matches up with any co-star. She willingly submits to the whims of Sensi, who admires her self-pleasuring skills from below before she unsheathes Sensi's cock and prepares to submit her body, mind, and soul to the pleasures of her lover.

Featured Scene: Baroness Bijou and her slave couple from Horny Sex Slaves

domina bijou

What happens when both partners in a relationship want to be the submissive? You go to a professional dominatrix like Baroness Bijou, who knows exactly how to put you in the right position to inflict you with just enough pleasure that makes it painful. You can see the male submissive has a huge dick, and Baroness tells him that his lover's ass is right in front of it, and he knows it's there, but he can't see it and she keeps it just out of reach of the poor fella. It is almost as painful to watch!

Featured Studio: Pink Eiga

pink eiga psi sex

In Japan there is a thing called "Pink Cinema," which is essentially Japanese underground erotica that features nudity along with high production values, elaborate storylines, and strong female characters. Pink Eiga are diverse, and many respected directors of Japanese Cinema got their start making Pink films. That being said, you are sure to be watching quality - albeit artistic erotica - when you check out the trippy title, Psi-Sex. Sometimes, submitting to your own psychological desires is scariest of all. Hannah studies some Zener cards to test her psychic abilities and is transported to a parallel reality that allows her to act on her true sexual desires. Let's face it, most of us don't have the guts to take that step. That's why we live vicariously through porn.

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