October 26, 2018 - This week we are highlighting some things that went live that you just don't get to see every day. While every good or novel idea tends to get copied to the point of over-saturation, we still do come across the occasional rare act or movie that just isn't all that common. We highlighted a few of them her for you this week.

Dare Dorm 35 from Reality Kings

jessy jones reverse gangbang

It isn't every day you get to see someone live out their ultimate fantasy. When we did an interview with Jessy Jones, he revealed that one of his biggest fantasies was to be the center of a reverse gangbang. In Dare Dorm 35, Jessy gets to live out his fantasy when Violet Star gathers a gang of dorm sluts to fuck the nerdiest guy in school.

Bella Rossi vs Max Blunts from Evolved Fights

bella rossi wrestling

New studio Evolved Fights has a novel concept. They feature mixed wrestling matches between males and females. Wrestlers get points for pinning but also for fingering and other penetration. Bella Rossi is no stranger to wrestling videos, and she has made a few, but always with women. This is the first time she has taken on a man. After several rounds, the wrestlers were tied and they went to the "sex round" where the winner is determined by which wrestler can make the other come first. It is not every day you get to see a guy really try to make the girl come first. I am not going to spoil it for you, see for yourself who wins

The Orgasm Queen from Femorg

real female orgasm

Since we are on the subject of female orgasms, you don't come across real female orgasms on a porn site every day. With all the talented actresses, you can never be sure if they are real. But, Femorg is a studio that specializes in female orgasms. Most of the women don't show their faces and you often will get to see the physical evidence of their orgasm. No one is more adept with that than Olivia Adams. Dubbed the Orgasm Queen, Olivia is an insatiable amateur who films her masturbation sessions and shares them with the world.

Considering that, this week our cup runneth over, and I need to highlight two other studios who released titles this week that feature real female orgasms. Fuck Me Like a Machine from Aunt Judy features porn stars getting off with the help of some high-powered sex toys, and Porndoe's Quest For Orgasm, where they actually put up a countdown timer to take you to the point of climax.

machine fuckingorgasm countdown

Swallowed Volume 23 from Swallowed

ivy wolf blowjob

Even more elusive than seeing a female orgasm would be seeing multiple orgasms from a man. It takes a special breed of man, like Mike Adriano, to be able to pull it off and an even more special breed of woman, like Ivy Wolfe, to be able to get him that excited. This rare pairing of sexual talent is something you just don't come across every day, as Ivy makes Mike cum multiple times using ONLY her incredible and virtually unmatched skills in oral sex, including deepthroating and some ass-eating.

Soine-The-Vice-Club from Philippe Soine Productions

fucking glory hole Here is something you don't see every day! This swinger's club has a sort of gangbang contraption that allows Miss Loly to give her pussy up to any passerby in the club. Guys can walk up and fuck her while peering through a window to watch her getting blowbanged by a group of guys inside the box at the same time.

Diamond Stud from Vinegar Syndrome

spahn ranch movie

Two women wrestle on the floor of a saloon, tearing each other's clothes off while the men in the saloon look on in curiosity and excitement. So what, right? We just saw a real wrestling video. We see things like this every day. But this particular movie was shot on the infamous Spahn Ranch, where Charles Manson and his entourage lived and planned the "Helter Skelter" murders. Furthermore, the movie was shot in 1970, a year after the murders, while the remainder of Manson's followers were still living on the ranch. Some of them even appear in this movie. Happy Halloween!

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