March 16th is Carl Hubay's 70th birthday, and we're celebrating by highlighting a few of his most popular and top-rated movies. If you don't know about him yet, oh boy, you're in for a treat! Born in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1949, Carl (aka Coach/Uncle Carl to many) began his career in porn at age 53 and is hands-down the most versatile actor in the entire industry. In fact, his versatility is what first drew me to him, and he's held a spot in my heart ever since! You'll find interracial, bisexual, and gay movies in his catalog. For an older white man born in the South, entering adult entertainment at 53 years old, I was not expecting that, but Carl is FULL of surprises, and here at HotMovies we love him all the more for it!

It doesn't end there though. If you're into amateur videos or read our amateur glossary post you're probably already familiar with his name, and that's because the popularity amateur movies constantly gain is owed to productions like his. EVERYTHING about Carl Hubay's movies is refreshingly amateur, from the set and production quality, to the actors and scripts, it feels like you could be there, you could write and film it, and that's the appeal. Carl stands as a great example of consistency, professionalism, openness, and willingness, and I can't wait to turn up this year for his 70th! Here's to you Carl, you lucky dog! HotMovies loves and appreciates you, and the next 70 are going to be awesome!

Carl Hubay

Carl's Straight Titles:

Hitchhiking Teen XXX Carl Hubay Casting Couch Role XXX Military Brat Goes Wild! Carl Hubay XXX BBW Love Anal on Carl Hubay Hot Transsexual Interlude XXX Carl Hubay

Hugh Hefner may have been the only guy to get more pussy than Carl Hubay, and even then, I want to see the numbers. Carl stars in just about all of his movies, and with over 500 titles live on the site, you gotta wonder how he maintains all that energy!? My theory is that fucking keeps your body active and feeling young, but there's also a level of creativity that can't go unnoticed. Mix those creative juices with Carl's insatiable sex drive, and you get freaky character play with normies just like you and me playing vampires, maids, and nuns and priests, just to name a few. Throw in a little pegging and plop a few bananas on top (we've all experimented, don't lie), and you've got yourself a Saturday night!

Carl's Bisexual Titles:

Bi-Guys 3Ways 3 XXX Sister Slut's Penance Carl Hubay on Dr. Carl's Sexual Surrogate Carl Hubay on HotMovies Cuckold With A Tranny on XXX Carl Hubay Fun In LV Carl Hubay

Our bisexual category is one of my favorites to browse because there's always something exciting in there waiting for you, and Carl's titles often pop up on my radar. All of his most popular flicks are great in my personal opinion, and if I had to suggest just one it would have to be Contractor's Bonus. Carl decides to remodel his home and calls over a contractor buddy named Dean to talk things over and get an estimate. Naturally, Dean has a hard-on that Carl is more than willing to engage with, and as they walk through the house to his sex room, Carl is sure to point out his wife Connie so Dean knows they need to be quiet. Of course that plan doesn't work, and as the fellas are sucking each other off, in bursts you-know-who. But Connie is a down chick, her titties are already out, and she doesn't mind her husband getting his rocks off; she just wants a part, and the two of them give Dean a day to remember. Amateur bisexual porn can be amazing when done right, and judging by his movie ratings, Carl is definitely doing it right!

Carl's Gay Titles:

In My Ass Again XXX Carl Hubay gayhotmovies Buddy Play Carl Hubay xxx Deep Tissue Massage Carl's Ass Is Nice XXX GayHotMovies Low Rent For Sex XXX

It would be crazy to say there's a side of Carl we haven't seen, but in his gay titles there's more of a vulnerability where he isn't always the lead, and here we get to witness him in bareback flicks, banging jocks and athletes, and riding bears for days. Carl maintains his creativity with his plots, and of course there's interracial on top of interracial, mixed with a little doctor character-play to tickle your fancy. His straight-trade content is full of sleepers that could be easy to miss, and there's always something worth watching in his recently added section. There's simply no way to go wrong with Carl Hubay!

Check out more of Carl's straight and gay titles, and remember to toast one in the air for his birthday wherever you are!

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