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HotMovies is dedicated to providing safety and security to our members. Adult sites have come under some fire in recent years for not providing all the security possible to customers. This is due to a combination of factors, not least of which is the technical expertise required to ensure high levels of security.

HotMovies employs security specialists and a full team of programmers to ensure all of our members’ safety and privacy.

After running HTTPS in beta for a few weeks, HotMovies is announcing today its latest security upgrade by offering full HTTPS browsing for all customers. Following an initiative from Google to convert all Internet browsing to HTTPS, HotMovies is the first adult VOD company to provide its customers secure browsing for its entire site. This means all communication between the site and the user’s browser is fully encrypted and hidden from prying eyes.

This is the latest in an ongoing initiative to be a leader in site and user security. Last year, all credit card data was removed entirely from the HotMovies servers, ensuring our customers’ information cannot be compromised from our site in any way. These security upgrades, in addition to continuous monitoring, updating, and protecting servers, helps keep HotMovies the safest site to watch all your adult content.