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For many strange reasons, our society loves to hate the adult industry. In fact, the outward approach we take to sex in general is quite troubling when you look at it, but pornography lives in the deep dark depths of a special hell for lots of people, some of them viewers, and we at HotMovies cannot understand why. We decided to take what we view as a serious hypocrisy among other things and paint our beloved adult entertainment industry in a more positive, helpful, and healthy light by highlighting all the benefits that come with having an orgasm. Here’s to busting a healthy nut!

Orgasms Help with Insomnia

Most people have heard once or twice that orgasms are stress relievers and I bet even more people can testify to the truth of that statement. Oxytocin, the love hormone, is released into our blood making us feel all warm and tingly inside. Guess what else it’s the perfect cure for though? Insomnia! I know I’m not the only night owl who has pulled out the phone, under the pillow, late night to help catch some ZZs. There’s technically no scientific reason for this side-effect, but some sex-therapists theorize that it has to do with the release of endorphins.

Orgasms Ease Pain

For women specifically the analgesic effect of having an orgasm can ease headaches, menstrual cramps, and even childbirth! Dr. Eva B. Cwyner wrote a book in which she illustrates how orgasms can be useful in solving fatigue by following up on the legendary study conducted by sexologist Beverly Whipple. Think about the possibilities! “Hun, I don’t feel like it tonight, I have a headache.” “I have a cure for that!” Pick out any Ryan Madison movie and you’re in there.

Orgasms Boost Immune System

According to Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright the more sexually active you are, the less sick days you take. That doesn’t mean stream the latest Forbidden Fruits flick (Mothers Behaving Very Badly 4 at the time of publication) in your cubicle during lunch, but it does mean that the more you cum, the more money you have the potential to save that you could spend on more porn! You’ll be the healthiest son of a bitch in the office because you at least get a daily dose of your natural antibodies boosting your immune system and making you happier, all without going to the gym! (I hear you should still go to the gym from time to time though)

They Boost Self-Esteem Too!

Not only is your body getting a lift, but so is your attitude, and it sticks around longer than you may realize. Researchers at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that relationships between self-esteem, autonomy, and empathy are closely linked to orgasms, especially in young adults. We all feel good after reaching a climax, and it turns out that feeling has a lot to do with our development as social beings and how we view ourselves in the grand scheme of things. I sure as hell wouldn’t have guessed all that from an orgasm… bonus!

Orgasms Are A Way To A Healthy Heart Rate

Sex is a great workout and a high heart rate during workouts is usually a good thing. It means your blood is pumping through your veins on a mission to provide your muscles with all the oxygen and glucose they need to keep your body moving. The beautiful minds over at have taken the female orgasm to a new level of study, strapping their models up to heart monitors and analyzing their heart rates at the point of climax. First off, who doesn’t love a happy-ending massage (yonitale is one of the best at handjobs), and 2nd, a raised heart rate without the cardio!? Sign me up ASAP!

Orgasms Decrease Incontinence Among Seniors

Now that’s about as sexy as it gets right there… In all seriousness though, its common knowledge that sexuality and sexual functions in aging women are crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, just ask Oprah. Now you can bust a nut at night knowing you’re already on track to keeping control over your bladder when you sneeze in 40 years. Isn't that exciting!?

Orgasms May Help Prevent Prostate Cancer

Okay, so nobody is completely sure why this tends to be the case, but after two separate studies (one here and the other here), both concluding that men who had more orgasms were less likely to develop prostate cancer than those who had fewer, researchers think that ejaculating often clears old semen from the prostate that would otherwise turn carcinogenic. If your spouse doesn’t want to give up the goods, watch MILF Life Crisis, a wonderful new gem from Burning Angel Entertainment. They’re preventing a natural prostate cleaning! If that doesn’t get you laid, or at least a few hours alone in the computer room, my heart truly goes out to you.

Orgasms Increase Fertility

Some people are going to be scared off by this one, but orgasms have been known to help increase fertility rates in both men and women. Seems pretty simple, orgasms sometimes equal babies, I think we all know that by now. What I didn’t know was that the quality of sperm increases with every ejaculation, thus increasing your chances of winning the baby prize. I always thought you were supposed to cut back on the wanking when trying to get preggo but it turns out all that masturbation wasn't selfish after all. You were seriously thinking about starting a future when you came at the sight of Jelena Jensen and Shyla Jennings bumping pussies in scene 5 of Girlsway’s new feature The Vampires. Tell that to the next woman who calls watching porn immature…

There are 8 magnificent reasons for you to grab your partner, browse your favorite categories to get down to, and start orgasming your way to a healthier you! Make sure to follow me on twitter @authenticlezz1 as I continue to enhance healthy lives across the globe, destroying one treadmill at a time.

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