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The exciting new release of Undercover from Marc Dorcel showcases the acting chops of sexpot superstar Megan Rain like we've never seen before. Fans became acquainted with Megan Rain when she entered the adult industry in 2014. As a fresh-faced new performer, Megan quickly got the industry's attention with her raunchy enthusiasm that always leads to stellar performances. At only five feet tall, Megan is small in stature, but anyone who dares to underestimate this little spinner would be quick to be proven wrong; she's undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. Megan has consistently pushed boundaries and exceeded expectations throughout her career, filming anal, double-penetration, and even double-anal scenes relatively early on. Now, in Undercover, longtime fans of Megan can fall in love all over again when they see her break new career ground in her dramatic role for this foreign feature.


In Undercover, Megan plays the role of a mobster's wife. The mobster, Vasquez, rules without contest over the merciless world of drug dealers. With the help of Megan, he does everything to make his business grow. Violence, perversity, lust, everything gives him the feeling of being invincible. The problem is that his overconfidence might soon turn against him. Mina, his partner's young, sensual wife has been living under Vasquez's protection since the police arrested her husband. Convinced that Vasquez betrayed him, Mina swore that she would do anything to get him out of prison and back at the head of the organization. Led by her desire for vengeance, Mina will submit herself to all the depravity that will enable her to reach her goal. Whether it's relieving Megan's sexual frustration to win her confidence, or even offering her body to a lustful policeman to prove her desire to collaborate, nothing will break her determination. Between a robbery where vice and pleasure come together, high-speed chases, and an orgy into the heat of the Parisian night... Mina will assume her role as an undercover cop in the most enjoyable way. With its ultra-realistic action scenes, breathtaking scenery, and movie direction that sublimates the performances of splendid stars of international fame, Undercover will carry you into a torrid story that projects XXX movies into a new dimension...

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