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Interracial porn has been an incredibly popular genre since the adult industry's inception. That being said, industry insiders would be the first to admit that their business hasn't always treated interracial content with very cautious language or imagery, using porn's "fantasy" and "escapism" qualities to justify perpetuating racially insensitive tropes in movies. Socially conscious porn consumption is becoming a fast-rising and important topic among a growing demographic of those who still want to get off to raunchy XXX, but want to ensure that their fandom, money, and attention is paid only to porn companies with ethical practices. With the wealth of problematic interracial content already on the market, the industry was ready to welcome a change in tone to the genre.

Enter Blacked is a relatively new imprint in the world of interracial porn. Starting in 2014 by award-winning director Greg Lansky, Blacked's aesthetic of high-contrast, 4K visuals, natural makeup, and luxurious lingerie takes interracial porn to an exquisite level of fantasy. Everything about Blacked is crisp and clean, and the photography manages to highlight the racial difference in the performers without overtly fetishizing it. After all, the difference in skin tone is the crux of what makes interracial hot. Blacked's scene plots tend to stay away from the offensive tropes we've all become too familiar with, and instead highlight black male performers as successful businessmen or celebrities, giving viewers much more inviting and desirable fantasies to partake in. Blacked's box covers usually show the muscular, well-hung black men in comparison to the often-petite, ivory-complexioned women, again showcasing the signature contrast that makes Blacked's visuals so compelling.'s brand of high-end interracial extends from what you see onscreen to how performers feel about the brand as well. Exclusive talent Flash Brown has spoken highly of his experiences working with Lansky and the Blacked team, signing on a second year to his contract with them in August of 2016. Some of the top female performers in the industry like Dani Daniels and Peta Jensen have released their interracial debuts through the studio, as many new starlets continue to do. The sheer promotional power that Blacked has brought to the table for newer stars, including male talent like Michael Williams and 2017 Best Male Newcomer Ricky Johnson, is undeniable.

As the popularity of the studio continues to grow, the rest of the adult industry will be forced to catch up in terms of how we think about, talk about, and masturbate to interracial porn. is leading the way for interracial to come out of a "niche" porn category and into becoming another widely celebrated depiction of men and women just having sex onscreen. And honestly, it's about time.

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