Justice For One

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Approximate Running Time: 00:36:40
Released: 2006

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When Christine Justice catches a neighbor boy peeping in her windows she takes immediately action, creeping up on the crew-cutted voyeur from behind, locking one arm around his throat and marching him into her bedroom for a licking he'll never forget.

Furiously indignant, Christine laces into her initially unrepentant voyeur with an extreme hand spanking, followed by a thorough going over with a series of paddles and straps, until the budding pervert is beet red from lower hips to upper thighs and howling in pain.

Unwilling at first to admit to the error of his devious ways, the fresh mouthed young fellow (Razor Ryan) bellows out a number of rude and provocative remarks that bring the wrath of Justice down on his trim, toned buttocks in an electrifying cascade of swats and whacks that reverberate like pistol shots and call forth well deserved welt and agonized groans of pain. The more he baits her, the more she beats him, punctuating the discipline with the most pungently explicit language ever to issue from the lips of a Shadow Lane dominant.

Sizzlingly sexy Christine Justice gives the most exuberant and enthusiastic performance of her impressive career as a spanker of men as she faces her most incorrigible bad boy ever in Justice for One.

This is a must have video for every fan of hard hitting and serious corporal punishment and is so entertaining on every level that even women are going to enjoy the hell out of it.
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Cast & Stars: Justice For One

Comments on Justice For One

Editor's Review

Sometimes I'm just in the mood for a little spanking. I was going to go with some nice all male bondage but then I realized Christine Justice's special blend of discipline would hit the spot much better than pretty knots, so I bring you "Justice For One."

I've looked into Christine's work before and she struck me immediately as a master of the spanking craft. It is an absolute pleasure to watch the woman subdue the man she caught peeping through her blinds with her famous headlock and arm twist. When she gets to the ear pull and the pants come down for some barehanded spanking, you know you're in for a good spanking show. Still with an ass that's turned a nice shade of red 'Tom' eggs her on and soon Justice is grabbing her favorite wooden paddle. That definitely subdues him a good deal more quickly.

As usual, I love Christine's spontaneous dialogue. One example: "you want to see my tits? Do you know what you'd have to do to be worthy to see my tits again? You'd never work your way up to being worthy!" All punctuated with slaps from her hand and the paddle, followed shortly by "Is this my way of saying no? This is my definite, complete absolute way of saying no!" At that point she's got him bent over the bed and is leaning on his back with one elbow while she paddles with the other.

At about ten minutes in, you're pretty sure the peeping tom she's captured has learned his lesson - but there's more to come. Tom's continued ability to spit out insults and insolence only makes his punishment more severe. Actually he was adorable, with his mingled defiance, compliments and somehow un-exhaustible smile.

Ok this movie is comedic gold. Seriously I was cracking up laughing, streaming tears in the office between Christine's dialogue and her oh-so-willing peeping tom egging her to greater heights. This time Justice was relatively gentle but still a whole heck of a lot of fun to watch. Seriously I had coworkers asking me what I was giggling about - if you're a spanking fan Christine Justice is never to be missed and "Justice For One" is definitely a treat I won't soon underestimate!

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