Red Head, Red Hand, Red Bottom






Red Head, Red Hand, Red Bottom Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:26:21
Released: 2004

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This cute redhead is no stranger to corporal punishment, but she's never experienced anything like this! She bends over the pooltable and takes blow after blow to her bare bottom, wincing in agony but never screaming. She bears the beating in silence, even when her aggressor uses a cane, a wooden paddle, and a leather tawse!
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Comments on Red Head, Red Hand, Red Bottom

Editor's Review

I am exhausted.

I have just watched "Red Head, Red Hand, Red Bottom," and I think finally my heart is slowing back down to normal speed. Whew!

The spanking started off strong, quickly became severe, and then turned into such a ruthless ass-whooping I almost shed tears. The blows are so intense, the camera angles are so intimate, it's like you're right there with her, smack for smack. If you're into hard-core spankings, you simply MUST experience this movie!

The action begins with a ladies hand -- long, red-polished fingers -- stroking a tawse (a strap of black leather split into three tails) as a young woman's narration fills us in about how she lived in and was educated in a lot of different countries, and in England, bad girls got the rod, so to speak.

First, you were whacked on the palm of your hand, and if you flinched, "you'd get it somewhere else." Standing before a pool table, our girl's an auburn-haired cutie in a short tartan skirt and red tank top, with charmingly boyish black crew socks on her feet. She stoically holds out her hand, preparing for the blow... doh! She flinches!

Resigned, she dutifully turns around, bends over the pool table, and with a defiant flicker of her eyes, rolls up her flouncy skirt. She gives us a nice long look at her red bikini panties, then peels them down to show us her gorgeous, graceful bum. I'm not sure, but I think I see the marks from a previous spanking on her ass (if so, this girl bumps up from "seriously bad-ass" to "marginally insane," in my book).

The tawse caresses her butt, and our screen divides discreetly to provide a really innovative view: 2/3rds of the screen shows us her butt being spanked, and the other 1/3rd covers her face reacting to every blow. I've seen variations of this technique in other movies and found it distracting, but here Red Crescendo gets it right -- it's not obtrusive at all, and in fact, really does add to the experience.

I also appreciate how there's no dialog (apart from limited narration) and almost no interaction between her & the guy administering her punishment. We hardly see him at all -- he's a nameless, faceless, black-clothed disciplinarian, with evidently no interest in his subject apart from inflicting the agony she deserves.

And what agony it is... Her flesh immediately flushes as the first stinging smacks descend. Our girl appears focused on making it thru her spanking; she does her best to remain cool. She doesn't make a lot of noise, but when she does scream, you can really see the misery in her eyes. These aren't crocodile tears! Also, I love how her back arches when the tawse teases her inner thighs, how she trembles with anticipation between blows.

I could've done without the classical music accompaniment -- is that Vivaldi?-- but thankfully, it fades out around the movie's halfway point, when our disciplinarian's hands appear in menacing black gloves, smoothing ice over Red's battered cheeks and then taking up another tawse, this time a Scottish one, to continue our girl's thorough spanking.

Tawse trivia: did you know that a rural town in Scotland created tawses specifically for use by educators? A man named John Dick used specially-tanned leather to produce four different weights: Light, Medium, Heavy and Extra Heavy. Apparently, John Dick originals are collectors items that sell for thousands of dollars these days. I'd love to see that on Antiques Roadshow...

But I digress. Point is, the scene changes as our girl's voice over tells us about Scottish tawses, and then we have her bent over the same pool table again, and... WHACK! Oh man, this second tawse -- an "extra heavy" -- hits h-a-r-d. We get the split screen again, so you can fully witness the beating. She's breathing heavily, obviously trying to soldier thru but gasping & squealing & howling despite herself.

Incredible marks appear!

Perfectly-rendered imprints of the long, rectangular tawse burn on her ass. He teases her with the straps, lingering over her thighs and between them. Extreme close-ups show us her agonized skin, broken capillaries, her slack, shaved pussy lips. More ice is applied, and then the camera shifts to another deliciously unexpected view: underneath!

It's like we're lying under the pool table, looking up between her legs. We see her belly, pussy, the front of her thighs... and the twin curves of her butt cheeks, silhouetted against the ceiling. Rivulets of water snake around her legs, almost dripping on us! And then, the spanking continues from this remarkable angle, and it's really cool to see her bracing herself for each blow -- tummy muscles tighten, legs flex... I love the ripples of her flesh when the tawse makes contact, too.

The spanking goes on, and our view returns to show our girl from behind, where sharp red marks stand out shockingly on her creamy white skin. Good grief, I can't believe she's enduring this!

The camera fades to a new scene, where Red is standing, naked, before a rack of pool cues. Terrific body, by the way -- interesting tattoo. She fetches one of the wooden cues, assumes her position bent over the pool table, and patiently awaits her punishment. At first, the pool cue merely teases her... slides across her battered bottom... and then, CRACK! Right across her butt! Damn, that pool cue hits so hard, it's difficult to watch.

She jumps as he spanks her pussy & thighs with rather alarming ferocity. Without the classical music playing, you can hear every slap against her skin, every harsh impact, every controlled breath needed for her to maintain self-control. The ass whipping continues in slow-motion: the strength of each blow purls thru her whole body, from her butt, thru her back and shoulders... even her boobs sway. The screen divides again, here, and the look on her face is precious, as she tries so hard to keep her cool.

Oh, the carnage! How does this girl stand it? She's now being spanked by what looks like a sorority paddle (Go, Cyclones!), as she leans forward with her hands propped against her locked knees, legs spread. She whimpers sweetly, and by now there's real fear in her eyes between blows (as well there should be).

The paddle drops to the floor with a clatter, and the Extra Hard tawse returns. She's ordered to spread her legs so he can spank her defenseless pussy, and then finally the last five minutes or so bring the most vicious swats of all. Her legs quake, her body bucks forward with each impact... Extreme close-ups savor the serious damage done to her butt, which is pretty much shredded from this disturbing ordeal.

Red Crescendo proves that a simple spanking story can soar to legendary status when executed with style, originality and unflinching determination. Major kudos to our girl, too, whose poise and attractiveness are surpassed only by her preternatural tolerance. Watch this with someone who makes your heart go bump, and get ready to test your limits!

Vegasguy says:
I agree with TommyG that the music is way too loud in some parts and I'm really not a big fan of punishment that draws blood but the girl is very cute and other than the two detractions I mentioned it
TommyG says:
Cute girl, a good beating but that annoying music is WAY too loud. Ruins that part of the flick.
andrei4962 says:
CommentsOne of best spanking movies out there. The girl hads no crocodile tears and a nice ass.

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