Taste The Cum






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Mistress Alix enjoyed a smoke as slut manhole sat obediently at Her feet. She ordered him to suck and lick Her leopard skin high heels. His cock stiffened and She rubbed Her shoes on his shaft, milking out some precum. She fed that to him off Her finger and then told him to start licking Her pussy. His dick stiffened even more from Her taste and She sucked a big load of precum out and spit it down his throat.
Mistress Alix moved slave manhole to the table and sat on his face in a 69 position, slapping his balls to encourage his tongue action. She turned and ground Her pussy into his face and then offered up Her enormous breasts for him to worship. She again turned and sucked his stiff cock, building up a big load of precum in Her mouth. She spit his man juice down his throat and then stuck a double headed dildo in his ass.
With one end of the double headed dildo lodged in slave manhole's ass, Mistress Alix maneuvered Herself so that She could fuck the other end, driving it deep into his ass as She rode it. After an enormous climax, She put on Her strap-on and made him suck it before moving him to his back and fucking him up the ass. She massaged his cock and balls, slapping and jerking him, to keep him stiff as Her rubber cock drove in and out.
Flipping Her submissive to all fours, Mistress Alix finished drilling him with Her strap-on. Now on his back, She planted Her pussy on his face and sucked him completely stiff. She slid down and fucked his hard cock. She could feel him start to throb and made him beg for release. He gushed hard into Her pussy hole, filling the condom. She dismounted and slowly pulled the cum filled condom off his cock. Moving over him, She fed him his jism and made him lick the contents of the condom. Leaving the rubber in his mouth, She jerked and teased his sensitive cock.
Clip 1 - 8 mins 1 sec

Stars: Mistress Alix

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Clip 2 - 7 mins 46 secs

Stars: Mistress Alix
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Clip 3 - 8 mins 4 secs

Stars: Mistress Alix
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Cast & Stars: Taste The Cum

Comments on Taste The Cum

DJS425 says:
Still trying to find a woman to snowball with - would love to have Alix feed me my cum!!
BadBird71 says:
Oh Alix, I imagine being on the other end of the double dildo with you. So HOTT. You are a GODESS.

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