Limits Of A Sissy

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Approximate Running Time: 00:36:33

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Observe as Mistress Lydia spends 38 minutes using Her big dicked sissy slave and seeing just how much he/she can take. She has him suck Her strap-on while in hogtie bondage and then takes him deep in the ass with Her black cock before putting him in strict bondage for CBT. She orders him to handle his own cock and punishes his manhood as he strokes himself off into the silver dog bowl.

Mistress Lydia has Kat helpless in a hogtie. He worships Her shoes and toes as She crops him. She stands and Her big black rubber cock swings as She steps over him. She sizes Her bound submissive up and sits down in front of him. She toys with him, making him suck Her cock further and further. She laughs as he gags. He is moved to his back, long legs spread high as She enters him and loosens his ass pussy with Her strap-on. She leans in and drives it home all the way.

Now bent over the horse, Kat has his ass filled from behind as Mistress Lydia jerks his leash and fucks him hard. She rides his ass without pause, cautioning him not to let it fall out of his ass. The hard fucking causes his ass to push the dildo out and he is made to lick it clean for his mistake. Mistress Lydia orders him to fuck himself and he dutifully backs into the strap-on and impales himself. As She beats him with Her crop he obediently fucks himself on his Mistress' black cock.

Mistress Lydia ties sissy Kat tight to the bench on his back. His cock stiffens as She slowly applies black clothespins to his big balls. She produces the violet wand and enjoys causing him discomfort as She applies electricity to his swollen member. She removes Her strap-on and has Kat deep throat the rubber cock as She zaps his cock and balls with the violet wand. She decides to test the limit of his cock and vacuums it up in the cock pump until it fills the cylinder. She allows him some breast worship and then whips his balls. She decides to put some lipstick on him so his lips are the same shade as his trapped cock.

Mistress Lydia shocks Kat's cock a bit more and then begins to spank his balls. She spanks him until his cock has gone soft from the pain and then sets him on his knees before Her. She orders him to stroke his cock when She says green and stop when She says 'red'. When he is ordered to stop, She punishes his cock and balls with the crop or Her high heels. He is finally allowed to release and is ordered to empty his balls into the dog bowl. He lets go a stream of cum into the silver bowl and then Mistress Lydia pulls his wig off and orders him to eat his load beneath Her high heel.
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Cast & Stars: Limits Of A Sissy

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