Molly Winters






Approximate Running Time: 01:40:15
Released: 2007

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Molly Winters in all her punishment sessions. Over 95 minutes of bondage action. In 10 exciting scenes Molly is spanked in a schoolgirl outfit, stripped by having her clothes cut and ripped off, ball gagged and whipped and teased with clamps and weights on her tender nipples and pussy lips. Held in stocks she is caned until red welts appear on her ass. She finds herself bound spread-eagle on her back while her pussy lips are spread by clamps and her asshole tormented with a speculum and steel butt plug. She serves as a maid, a naked table centerpiece and a naked serving dish. In outdoor action, she is trained as a saddle ponygirl and must work naked and barefoot breaking and hauling rocks while in chains.
Clip 1 - 5 mins 55 secs

Stars: Molly Winters

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Clip 2 - 9 mins 15 secs

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Clip 3 - 5 mins 40 secs

Stars: Molly Winters
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Clip 4 - 4 mins 5 secs

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Clip 5 - 11 mins 8 secs

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Clip 6 - 5 mins 52 secs

Stars: Molly Winters
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Clip 7 - 11 mins 50 secs

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Clip 8 - 4 mins 15 secs

Stars: Molly Winters
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Clip 9 - 6 mins 35 secs

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Clip 10 - 25 mins 5 secs

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Clip 11 - 10 mins 0 secs

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Cast & Stars: Molly Winters

Comments on Molly Winters

Editor's Review

Who is Molly Winters? Google her -- not a whole lot of info about her. Besides her movies, I also found a blurb at that says she started doing movies in 2004, and she models for Fair enough.

What's lacking in online descriptions, though, is Molly Winter's exceptional ability to endure challenging & ridiculously humiliating punishments with grace, serenity, and just the right amount of displeasure to keep us squirming in our seats. She's not the most complicit submissive, and that makes her all the more interesting throughout this series of erotic bondage tableaus.

Overall, these scenes are all exceptional. Very creative concepts. Plenty of cool camera angles, good sound & resolution, nice use of background music. One small bummer: during most of the action, someone is off-screen taking pictures and I found the intermittent flashes & camera clicks a bit distracting. Also, I kinda wish Molly had been more vocal, but then again, the silent tension between the two leads was kinda hot, too, so... I guess you'll have to make that call on your own.

Scene one: Molly Winters Spanked
We first meet "school girl" Molly, the pretty little thing on the box cover: plaid skirt, blue blazer, white knee socks, demure loafers. She kneels before a strict-looking fellow in a suit who quickly flops her over his lap, flips up her skirt, and smacks her fine bare bottom. He's silent & unemotional -- steadfast in his determination to spank Molly despite her straining against him.

And oh, she strains! This isn't a terribly hard spanking, but she squirms & grimaces and eventually wriggles off his lap. On the floor at his feet, she struggles as he strips off her jacket & necktie. He unbuttons her blouse, exposing her amazing ta-tas (which he spanks). Stripping off her shirt, they encounter some difficulty & share a giggle -- it's cute, shows an affinity between them. Skirt comes off next, then he spanks her over his knee again, in her white g-string, knee socks & loafers.

"Gonna be good now?" he asks, after awhile.

Molly shakes her head, so he takes to her bottom again. "OK! I promise!" she finally shouts in an amiable twang that reminds me of Britney Spears. For a final humiliation, she removes her panties upon is command, and then licks the dust off his cowboy boots. Her tongue runs up and down the black leather...

Scene two: Molly Winters Stripped
Molly's in a cage, under creepy blue light. She's wearing a short, tight business suit (quite possibly designed by Frederick's of Hollywood), and a rockin' pair of sky-high white pumps. Dude from scene one appears to release her and then cuffs her to an overhead, wrought-iron bar. He shackles her ankles, next, then begins slicing off her clothes with a small, dull knife.

Takes a good long time. She winces as he saws & tears at her outfit, slides the blade under her skirt and then... splits the material from the inside. He shreds her blouse, next, to leave her in white bra & bikinis. This next part is cool: he cuts holes in her bra, exposing each nipple. He teases them with his knife, then slashes the bra off, followed by her panties.

Bound & naked, she's a vision -- a frowning, vulnerable vision, just waiting for the next punishment!

Scene three: Molly Winters Whipped
Our girl stands nude, arms suspended above her head by chains that provide a nice rattle. Dude flogs her bottom with a many-tailed leather whip; Molly is more animated than she's been previously, whimpering thru her ball gag and jiggling her bottom in anxious anticipation. Her cheeks pink up nicely in close-up. Next, she's facing forward while Dude slaps her breasts, tummy, pussy & front thighs with a mop-like implement. He switches to a single whip, and the punishment continues as Molly squeals & protests as best she can.

Scene four: Molly Winters on the Cross
Badass! Molly looks awesome in elaborate bondage with black rope that squeezes her breasts and slides between her pussy lips & ass crack. Golden high heeled sandals on her feet, tasseled clamps dangle from each nipple, and her labia as well. Ooh! There's one on her tongue, too, and a metal bit that keeps her mouth wide open. She wrestles futilely against her restraints, tries to address the camera but with her tongue quite literally tied, she grows frustrated.

The camera closes in on the weighted clips pulling at her pussy lips, then backs away to leave our lady struggling.

Scene five: Molly's Anal Torment
She's naked & strapped, spread-eagled, to a gurney-looking thing. Nipples clamped to chain hanging from ceiling. Dude lashes the front of her body -- breasts, tummy, pussy, thighs -- with a many-tailed leather whip. He warms her up awhile, then stops to remove her nipple clips. Of course, she yelps with pain as the blood rushes back into them. Pulls at her shackled arm in an attempt to rub out some relief.

Camera closes in between her legs. Dude shows her a metal speculum, and with one creepy, black-gloved hand he pushes it tentatively into her butthole. We zoom in closer, still, till we can pretty much see up her poop chute. Then he changes the speculum out for a metal lollipop-thing, then finally an impressive steel butt plug that makes her squeal, "Owwwww! Shit!"

Next view: pussy lips are clamped & spread above inserted butt plug, which bobs with sphincter muscle contractions. Dude produces what looks like a vibrating glue stick, and stimulates her exposed clit. Molly freezes; she appears to be concentrating, but then her belly starts rising & falling, as her breathing deepens. Her legs quiver and flush pink, then suddenly she lurches up, screams, and comes so hard the butt plug shoots out her ass & falls to the floor with a PING!

They both laugh... and then Shadowplayers slips in a little five-second blooper where they crack up over a malfunctioning vibrator.

Scene six: Molly Winters Caned in Stocks
She's standing, back towards the camera. Heavy wooden stocks bind her ankles. More stocks hang above her, restraining her by the neck & wrists. Molly looks small & helpless, trying to keep upright under such a cumbersome burden. Dude raps her ass with a cane -- not terribly hard, but every so often he makes her yelp.

After awhile, red welts appear. He spins her around to remove her nipple clamps, and again she finds this sensation overwhelming, and screams. Released from the stocks, she tends to her smarting breasts.

Scene seven: Maid Molly
Begins with stills of Molly, dressed in an adorable French Maid outfit, with traditional ruffled cap & frilly black & white uniform, as well as non-traditional ball gag & shackles. The action begins with Molly in the kitchen, having quite a bit of difficulty chopping fruit with her wrists chained. Eventually, she spills a juice on the floor... now she's done it.

As she hurries to wipe up the mess, Dude appears to tell her she's gonna get punished. Her apology thru her ball gag --"I'm thowwy"-- made me smile, as did her diligent floor scrubbing. She spins around as she cleans, giving us several spectacular angles to appreciate, including (my favorite) from behind, with her black garters & heels accentuating her creamy cheeks encased in crinoline.

She does some dusting, too, but Dude is unimpressed when he returns; she still needs to be punished for spilling. He bends her over the counter & paddles her bare cheeks...

Next scene's a doozie: our girl becomes a human centerpiece! Dude adjusts leaves in a dining room table so that Molly's head (and eventually, her breasts & shoulders, too) pokes up from underneath. She laps from a little tray of water placed before her, and then holds Dude's wine goblet as he takes his time eating a plate of fruit.

Creative, interesting scene. Molly & Dude are straight-faced but underneath there's a quirky, fun-loving vibe to their play... I particularly enjoyed how he had her hold various veggies in her mouth -- my favorite, when she posed with her lips around a broccoli floret while he dabbed at her nipples with an apple slice.

Lastly, Molly is shackled to the table, now sporting a white lace tablecloth. Gag in her mouth, red clothespins on her nipples. Dude drizzless honey into her belly button, dips a grape in, eats it. Rubs her belly, grabs an apple slice, flicks her clothespins... She's his passive little toy.

Scene eight: Ponygirl Molly Winters
This scene also begins with still photos. Molly's outside, naked, on all fours. Dusty ground, barren landscape, lotsa rocks & pebbles. Check out her intimidating metal/leather bit, prying her jaw open!

When the action begins, she's bare except for gloves & kneepads. Dude takes his time saddling her up -- there's lotsa gear to strap on: saddle pad, saddle, stirrups, bit, reins, tail... She's a patient & accommodating little steed! He sits down and she carries him around as best she can, then suddenly she's standing & strapped to a cart. The camera zooms in as she relieves herself, urine dribbling down between her spread legs.

Scene nine: Molly Winters Slave Labor
Yet another scene that begins with stills -- these are of Molly's gorgeous face, and some nudes followed by shots of clamped nipples & bound ankles. When the action begins, we're outside, again, in the same desolate location as before. Molly's bound by heavy metal chains around her neck, wrists & ankles. More chains hang from her nipples, and at the end of them: bells.

I assume since this is "slave labor" she's supposed to be working, but most of this scene involves Molly staggering around under the weight of her bondage, making the odd "Ow!" noise when she steps on a rock or something. Drool oozes from her gagged mouth. This goes on and on, until eventually she crouches to rest and Dude appears to whip her till she gets moving again.

She takes up a pick axe and attacks some big rocks, obviously straining with exertion. With great difficulty, she dumps the rocks into her cart, and then makes off tentatively with her load.

Scene ten: Molly's Halloween
For the lab geek in all of us: Molly sucks off a skeleton!

First, our girl looks great in white garters, stockings & heels... she leans back, pulls one of Skeleton's bony hands onto her breast, and slips his black strap-on of a "penis" into her mouth. My god -- the way Molly sucks & licks, you'd think she was trying to wake the dead!

Soon, she's standing & he's in her arms. She pretends he whispers a suggestion. "I can do that!" she says, cheerfully kneeling down & getting back to business. Lastly, Molly lies back, spreads her legs, and slides the dildo into her.

"Oh, Skeleton!" she calls out, smiling cause it's funny and, also, I think that dildo kinda feels good... Great sounds in this final scene, you can really hear everything: her breathing, her seat creaking, the suction of her pussy lips as the strap-on plunges in & out. They go for awhile, and then the camera backs up to show us the look of delight on Skeleton's face...

What an odd but engaging movie! I may not have known much about Molly Winters going in, but now I know who to look for when I'm in the mood for her particular blend of acceptance & insolence, in a package that's easy on the eyes, as well.

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