Tear You Open

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Approximate Running Time: 00:46:38

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Enjoy 46 minutes of butt slamming action as Mistress Nicole uses slave marco for ass drilling fun. Shoe worship, punctuated by his begging for anal play, is followed by some whipping, strap-on, large insertion and then a giant strap-on. Marco pops his nuts while taking the giant strap-on and gets a squirting reward at the end.

Mistress Nicole orders up some high heel worship and begins whipping the bent marco's back and ass. She has Her shoes thoroughly cleaned by his tongue and continues to warm him up with Her black whip before removing a shoe and giving him a long sniff of Her foot odor. She picks up a marker and draws a target on his ass.

Mistress Nicole inserts a black pig tail in marco's ass and then has him clean Her high heels a bit more. She switches to the red flogger and beats his ass, trying to whip the bullseye off his skin. She moves Her pussy in front of his face and begins to play with Herself. Turning the pink dildo vibrator on She massages Her clit and fucks Her pussy hole inches from his face.

Mistress Nicole decides to give him a taste of pussy juice and positions the clear bowl beneath Her pussy hole. She rubs and vibrates Herself to orgasm, squirting into the bowl as She climaxes inches from his face. She feeds him Her juice off the vibrator and directly from the bowl. With Her strap-on on, She teases the viewer with some solo action and then has marco suck Her cock before moving behind him to prepare to enter his ass.

Mistress Nicole plunges Her cock into marco's ass and begins to fuck him. He has the taste of Her pussy juice in his mouth and Her rubber cock up his ass. She fucks him hard and deep and then withdraws and lubes up the gigantic black cock. She inserts that into his ass and begins to move it back and forth. Faster now, the huge rubber dick stretches his hole as She thrusts it in from Her hips.

Time for the giant strap-on as Mistress Nicole finishes with the rubber dildo and begins to fuck marco with the massive strap-on. She has him on his back and jams the enormous cock in and out as She rubs his cock. He begins to moan and he is told to stroke his cock and pop himself off, promising him some of Her pussy juice if he does as She orders. He ejaculates as She fucks him with Her huge cock. With his cum still covering himself, She pulls out and drops the strap-on to move over his face and get Herself off. So excited from abusing the submissive, She cums hard and squirts down his throat.
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Cast & Stars: Tear You Open

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