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Claudia Rossi






Approximate Running Time: 00:40:12

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** Staff Favourite: K - This brunette young woman is a natural beauty oozing sexiness. She has a great body, she's flirty and playful and her orgasms are fantastic. ** ** Staff Favourite: Jerry - Claudia Rossi - I really like her playfulness in front of the camera, and her orgasms are real, rapid-fire, pulsating ones. This is certainly one to own! ** ** Staff Favourite: Donald - Hot, hot, hot, hot, HOT Claudia from the Czech Republic now lives near me in the UK. I don't think any man or woman could resist her - she is pure unbounded sexuality and boy does she have nice strong visible orgasms. ** Claudia Rossi is just about the hottest, sexiest woman you can imagine. She absolutely defines the word steaming as she's just perfect in every respect. Physically she's got long very dark hair, an amazing ass, some nice pubic hair on her mound, and an incredible pale tan skin which is almost flawless. Her orgasmic contractions are spectacular and each time she cums she's lost to the world for several minutes. In fact her contractions each time are like a burst of machine gun fire - rapid and sharp and strong. This has to be one of our hottest videos ever. In the first scene on the bed she undresses real sexily, looking at the camera from time to time and making every viewer lust after her. She;s soon using a pocket rocket on her clit and after some nice footage she says "Oh yeah, oh yeah!" just before the long body shaking orgasm takes full hold and this one is really intense. Not only does she have a lot of nice visible pussy contractions, but she's visibly wrecked by the experience and takes a good while to recover back to near normal. She basks in the afterglow of her orgasm and has lots of little full body aftershocks while she still gently caresses her pussy and teases it with the vibe and dips fingers into her very wet vagina. And she blows us a nice kiss too. The next scene is incredibly hot. Claudia walks into the lounge but before getting into the 'orgasm chair' she introduces herself in a real sexy voice and then takes off her deep pink dressing gown to reveal a duck-egg blue two piece lacy top and panties. She then does an hot sexy striptease before sitting in the chair and playing with her pussy, at first with fingers and then with the magic wand. You can just bathe in the build-up of her sexual tension and it's only a few minutes before another really intense orgasm is ripping through every inch of her body. She's really wrecked after this one and I counted a good dozen orgasmic vaginal-to anal contractions, again in rapid-fire mode. She's an heck of a lucky woman. Finally she pulls her legs up into the air to show us her phenomenal ass and post-orgasmic pussy. Claudia is really just a packet of pure smouldering sex. Next two scenes we see her on the bed again, first in a white spotted red two piece bra-thing and panties and then in similar but a deep violet and black combination. Both making stunning viewing. She loves teasing herself. Of course she's doing it also for us but that doesn't matter. I asked if she could do the 3rd scene butt-up and she agreed and chose to use a blue dolphin toy which she placed right against the end of her clitoris. This was obviously a very satisfactory arrangement because in no time her anus is busy pulsating in ecstasy. As usual she wants to enjoy the orgasm and following blissful sensations to their maximum potential so she continues to play with her pussy for a while. This is really sexy. For her fourth orgasm she strokes herself all over as she slowly strips very obviously getting herself into a really hot eroticized state. She dips her fingers into her soaking wet pussy and clearly enjoys it a lot. Then with a smooth, powerful red clit-vibe she starts giggling the end of her sex button while her other hand pinches and plays with one of her nipples really increasing the intensity of her experience. When it cums this is a real biggy with at least 15 qui
Clip 1 - 10 mins 19 secs

Stars: Claudia Rossi

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Clip 2 - 12 mins 13 secs

Stars: Claudia Rossi
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Clip 3 - 6 mins 8 secs

Stars: Claudia Rossi
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Clip 4 - 11 mins 4 secs

Stars: Claudia Rossi
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Cast & Stars: Claudia Rossi

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