Soccer Mom's Spank Off

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Approximate Running Time: 00:29:54
Released: 2004

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This is the second video featuring web mistress, Clare Fonda and Chelsea Pfeiffer Now, the kid gloves are off! This is a much more aggressive video all around. One spankee even sheds real tears while the other is left with a visibly bruised bottom!

Maggie Brown (Clare Fonda) visits Lana White (Chelsea Pfeiffer) hoping she can "persuade" Lana to take her son out of the running for a soccer scholarship. But Lana thinks Maggie's proposal is perfectly unethical and outrageous: In the interest of sportsmanship and fair play, Lana tries to spank the badness out of Maggie Brown!

In the second scene, Maggie Brown, having endured a long hard spanking, with hand and hairbrush, is threatening to tell all the other soccer moms about the treatment she's received at the hand of Mrs. White. Considering the possible ramifications, Lana decides to allow Maggie to spank her in return for Maggie keeping her big mouth shut! And so, Maggie spanks Lana with all her might in revenge for the burning spanking she has just received, herself.
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Clip 2 - 13 mins 39 secs

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Cast & Stars: Soccer Mom's Spank Off

Comments on Soccer Mom's Spank Off

TommyG says:
Clare and Chelsea are super stars of spanking. We waited a long time to see Chelsea on the bottom. This is a real, quality spanking with red butts and great swats and reactions...BRAVO ladies.
TommyG says:
Chelsea and Clare both give and take great spankings. Their reactions are fantastic!!

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