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Erotic Blends






Approximate Running Time: 02:18:00
Released: 2008

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Created by women for women. This film has 3 sultry scenes featuring sexy women enjoying each others company in unique ways.

Lesbian sex lovers will appreciate the reality of this movie. It is elegant, creative and sure to please. This blend of erotic women should satisfy your appetite for sensual lesbian imagery.

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Clip 2 - 46 mins 16 secs

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Clip 3 - 50 mins 18 secs

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Comments on Erotic Blends

Editor's Review

Our friends at Triangle Films were just nominated for two 2009 AVN Awards, and it reminded me that I've been meaning to watch Erotic Blends since it went live on the site.

Director Kathyrn Annelle has done something I was beginning to think was impossible in adult - captured the beauty of an eclectic group of women without stereotyping or exploiting them. If I am to believe the idea Annelle has presented here, it turns out not all non-white actresses are big booty hoes, spicy sluts, or good dancers. Something to think about... Anyways, this movie has three hot scenes with lots of sexy lesbian lovin', if you're into that. I happen to be all about it and have to say this is a really great porno.

This first scene stars one of my favorite ladies, Rebeca Linares, and Marlie Moore, who is apparently 100 feet tall! Moore is a real estate agent, which means we get lots of shots of her bending over to measure things, and that she eventually needs to see the bedroom. It's pretty apparent what Linares has in mind as she sprawls across the bed and since no one can resist an artist with an accent, Moore joins her soon after. What follows is 30 plus minutes of extreme awesomeness, as these two breathtaking women kiss, finger and fuck. I thought it was pretty sweet when my realtor bought me lunch, but apparently I didn't take full advantage of that relationship.

The other two scenes are also really good, but Linares and Moore had great chemistry that captured my attention from the first instance. This is definitely a movie made with women in mind.

Ruby599 says:
The Marlie Moore - Rebeca Linares paring was excellent!

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