Crash Pad Series - Episode 1: Dylan & Trucker






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It was no mistake giving that key to Dylan. She is undeniably gorgeous and has no difficulty in getting exactly what she wants. You can image my delight when I turned the cameras on and got an eyeful of one of the hottest fuck sessions I've seen her in.

Something tells me this won't be the last time she drops by... and probably not the last friend she brings. Maybe I should rethink that rule about only using the key seven times? -Key Master
Clip 1 - 18 mins 20 secs

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Cast & Stars: Crash Pad Series - Episode 1: Dylan & Trucker

Comments on Crash Pad Series - Episode 1: Dylan & Trucker

Editor's Review

I'm not sure if it was because I already knew Pink & White Production's mission of "producing sexy and exciting images that reflect today's blurred gender lines and fluid sexualities," or that Dylan and Trucker are just amazing hot on their own, but watching this movie, the first episode of P& W's Crash Pad Series made me feel like I was watching more than just porn. More than just sex. I was watching the way I fuck. The intensity of real orgasms, strap-on cocks, and frantically passionate kisses. It's subversive and raw in a way that screams 'this is how queers fuck' and knocks down any preconceived notions of soccer-mom lesbians making love quietly under the blankets.

Dylan and Trucker are given a key to the coveted crash pad, the ultimate sex shack. Trucker is tough in a black button over a black tank and Dylan is super sexy in her short skirt and silky tank top with her nipples slipping out. Soon out of that skirt, Dylan is panting and moaning; turning the heat way up and quickly becoming one of the hottest porno ladies I've ever seen. Holding her orgasm back at Trucker's command, Dylan squirms and screams as she eventually explodes in a shuttering climax as my eyes are glued to the screen. Seriously, a UFO could land next to me and aliens could come out, but would I notice? Nope, I'd be too busy staring at Dylan's heaving chest and body tense with residual orgasmic waves.

All I can say is that I can't wait for more. Thanks guys!

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