Crash Pad Series - Episode 9: Julie & Michelle

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Approximate Running Time: 00:24:40

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Newbie Julie gets shown the ropes by the one and only Michelle Aston. Holy Crap! First timers will always surprise you, and Julie is no exception to the rule.

She comes out with flying colors as Michelle takes it to her. Damn, I think I spilt some coffee in the sheer excitement of it all, and coffee is very essential because you never know at what hour people will be stopping by. All I can say is WHOA. -Key Master
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Cast & Stars: Crash Pad Series - Episode 9: Julie & Michelle

Comments on Crash Pad Series - Episode 9: Julie & Michelle

Editor's Review

How do you translate the hottest thing you've ever seen to the written word? I guess all I really need to write is "Michelle Aston." I thought I loved the super sexy tattooed chicka before, but no I was wrong wrong wrong. This is the video that I will picture any time I think of Aston from now on. And every time, I will need to fan myself.

For me, it's all about the way Michelle talks dirty. Her low growling demands and the way that she gets her partner to ditch the silence and join the dirty talk game... or at least say what they want. And how she takes charge and makes it lovingly rough. It's all so amazingly hot.

Julie is quiet and shy. Her words are barely above a whisper before Michelle teases them out of her. Julie's moans, on the other hand, are nice and loud, letting us know how good it all feels. She is the perfect bottom to Aston's tough love top. Also, something I didn't find out about Julie until I was half way through the movie is that she is post-op transgender M-T-F. I wouldn't even bother mentioning it, as she is just as much a woman as me, but I wanted to point out how awesome this movie is for having a transwoman in it that doesn't need to be labeled with some awful "shemale" business. I love progressive companies! And like I said above, I didn't even know until halfway through the movie, and they show a good amount of vag. Yay for awesome surgery!

All in all, this movie is now one of my favorites. Something I will not only watch again, but plan to recommend to all my friends. And from the lips of a porn reviewer, that's a pretty high endorsement.

Luvs4Play says:
Energetic but the camera work was sloppy.

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