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2009 AVN Interview - Buck Angel Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:12:43
Released: 2009
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    Buck Angel, the man with a pussy, sat down with us for a while to chat about what's been going on since we last spoke with him a year ago. Buck has such a great smile and is such a sweetheart that the interview was more than a pleasure to do!

    During the past year, Buck has traveled to Europe 10-15 times. He's been doing strip shows and live sex shows in clubs around the country. Buck also did 2 documentaries, one in France and the other in Spain. Never one to be idle for long, he keeps busy educating and turning people on as much as he can! But that's not all that happened to Buck last year.

    A famous artist chose Buck as one of their models for a marble sculpture depicting people that have made astounding transformations to their bodies. The sculpture will travel around the world with the artist, putting Buck in the limelight even more than he is now! This artist's vision is important to Buck because it shines a positive light on several types of body modification and makes it into something beautiful.

    Buck is going to start work on some educational films about transsexuals, particularly female to male, and hopes to increase his female fan base by educating them and showing them a more sensual sex scene rather than the hardcore sex they see in his gay films. He feels like even though he is gaining more recognition each year, he still has to fight to stay relevant in the industry. Oh Buck, we love you!
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    Cast & Stars: 2009 AVN Interview - Buck Angel

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