My Daughter's Boyfriend

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2010 AVN Award Nominee for Best Actress - Melissa Monet.
2010 AVN Award Nominee for Best Video Feature.

2010 Feminist Porn Award Nominee

As devoted wife and mother Melissa Monet enters middle-age, she finds herself struggling with a sudden lust for much younger men. When daughter Trinity brings home a new boyfriend, Melissa's attraction to the young man is as powerful as it is forbidden.

Will her husband be able to save their marriage before it's too late? Or will she succumb to the sexiness of the younger man? I predict her urges will get the best of her and she'll get fucked like she hasn't in years!
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Comments on My Daughter's Boyfriend

Editor's Review

This time I'm reviewing a movie a friend suggested for me. Something neither of us had seen but that looked interesting. "My Daughter's Boyfriend" made me a little nervous at first glance. You see, I'm all for the concept of hot mothers getting it on - I'm not so gung-ho about the thought of mothers with their daughter's boyfriends.

Despite the potential creepy plot factor for me, there was this one really hilarious scene. Maybe it's the randomness of the scene that did it (it has little to nothing to do with the movie's plot) a friend of the family has a work out session with a hot young physical trainer. Now this blond cougar is bound and determined to have her way with this stud - and he's bound and determined to give her an actual work out. Watching her come onto him with less and less subtlety, was hilarious - even if she did manage to get him, and her orgasms, in the end.

The guys in this movie are awesome performers. Not only do they deliver their lines with some modicum of believability but they also go the extra mile to make sure their partners really get into the scenes. James Deen actually had me blushing a few times, his scenes were so intimate. No fake porn star screams here, James quickly has his partner panting, moaning and actually orgasming. Not to outshine the other performers, this is a rare movie that seems to be full of more genuine hits than loudly disguised misses which is what the studio Sweet Sinner is all about.

If the rest of Sweet Sinner's films are as amazing as this one is I think I've got a new favorite studio. Ok, so the scenes are absolutely, mind meltingly, hot but the plot gives me the shivers. So what do I say? Definitely don't miss this one - just fast forward through the creepy bits.

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