Sissy Sex Slave

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He was captured, crated up and shipped directly to Miss Lexi, just like she ordered! Poor thing... he's, well, she's gonna be working the streets as Lexi's new sissy ho from here on out. A little preparation is in order, of course... brain washing, steel chastity, female hormone shots, lots of luscious lip gloss, pink stockings, a frilly dress and six inch stiletto high heels! Oh yeah, and getting that sweet sissy pussy ready to get fucked by some big black dick in some dark dingy alley! This video is **HOT!**

Like any good sissy sex slave, Jade has to start somewhere. Miss Lexi decides that the truck stop men's room out on I-69 is as good a place as any! So, she changes her little tranny trollop into a micro-mini school girl skirt, pink platform pumps, lots of luscious lip gloss and drives her on over to get down to business for the night. It only take a few minutes for the first dude to walk in and make use of the offered services. Several facials later in the rank lavatory and Jade's puss is covered in cum, but she hasn't earned nearly enough to satisfy Miss Lexi!

Miss Lexi's sissy slut, Jade is made to work in the special backroom at Lexi's nightclub where the gentlemen client always receives very special service. Jade's "pussy" gets an ice cold enema before starting her shift, of course. Later on, one of Lexi's best clients wants to break in the "new girl" with his throbbing cock. Jade's not quite ready to take it all in from the back so she'll have to rely on her newly learned oral skills to make sure the customer always leaves satisfied!

Mistress Kendra is in the market for a good little sissy fuck doll and Miss Lexi happens to have the perfect product for her pleasure. Jade's fate is sealed... she'll be put in the corner at parties to suck and fuck whomever might wander by! But before Jade can be boxed up again and sent to work at Kendra's place, they'll give the sissy slut a long hard workout with their long hard strap-on dildos! This a work out you don't want to miss!

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Cast & Stars: Sissy Sex Slave

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