Rick Savage Medical Fetish Scene 3

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Slender, waifish, Lucy explores the world of medical scene fetishes with the evil Dr. Savage. Naturally, before her "examination," our skinny patient is commanded to strip naked, except for her stockings and high heels. The doctor knows that some of these medical procedures are very painful, so he decides to sedate the young girl first. His method of sedation? A flogging to her back and buttocks to get her endorphins flowing. Rick's heavy leather flogger thrashes her skin. Streaks of red grow into a sea of redness, as beautiful screams echo around the exam room until tears streak down Lucy's face.

Rope bondage is now utilized to restrain Lucy on her back on a gurney. Her totally shaved pussy is spread and vulnerable because the doctor must test the "sensitivity of her vaginal region. A very wicked RUBBER flogger is now used to repeatedly strike her bald beaver with several blows landing directly on her pierced clit hood. Next, medical forceps are tightly attached to each shaved pussy lip and the doctor uses the forceps to painfully stretch, twist and pull her tiny pussy WIDE open.

After this painful pussy punishment thinly disguised as a pussy exam, the doctor turns his attention to Lucy's nipples and concludes that she suffers from "small nipples." The doctor has just the right treatment for this disorder. Nipple Play! Rope bondage is used to bind her legs together and her arms behind her back. The sturdy forceps are now attached to each nipple and twine is used to connect the forceps to an overhead loop, thus stretching her tiny nipples upwards. While the forceps punish her nipples, the savage doctor attaches a fishing weight to the ring piercing her clit hood, thus stretching the hood towards the floor. OUCH!

Next, Lucy stands, bends over the gurney, is tied to the gurney, a ball gag is placed in her mouth and a spreader bar is used to hold her legs open. The resiliency of Lucy's ass flesh will now be examined. The doctor begins with a paddling, but soon a rather unique medical instrument called a cane is used to cane Lucy's taught, tiny buttocks. The caning produces bright welts and the camera is brought in close to examine these welts on Lucy's cute tushie. After closely examining the painful welts, the doctor proclaims that Lucy is in excellent health. She's passed her medical exam....with flying colors, or maybe we should say....flaming colors.
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Cast & Stars: Rick Savage Medical Fetish Scene 3

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