Japanese Cougars Gone Wild 2






Approximate Running Time: 02:03:21
Released: 2009

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Japanese women tend to age slower than their Western counterparts. Japanese women in their 40's look more like women in their mid 20's here in the USA. This however, does not change the fact that Cougars are Wild; No matter where they come from Cougars are hot, but we know something many others don't- there is nothing spicier than a J-Cougar in a skin tight competition bathing suit.

Hiroko (Cover girl) is a slutty J-bitch in her 40's, who is looking for a young guy to bang. She finds a guy named Ikeda online and calls him to come over. She waits, as her young punk rockin' stud comes in and she quickly gets him undressed. This cougar is hungry for cock and wastes little time putting her purring and licking skills to work. But first she shows off her favorite competitive skintight swimsuit- a Cos Play fad raging across Japan. Her stimulated nipples peep through the purple polyester material, as her buck teeth grin and her tongue finds his cock a safe place to call home. Her natural and fairly hairy love hole is moist and very sensitive to his touch. It is filled with thick, delicious J-slime that her stud-for-hire does a nice job working up with his finger and a high -tech Japanese vibrator. Her nipples stand at attention as the two go 69 for a bit before she finally hops on for a ride on her young stallion. She gets her money's worth, as he fucks her in multiple positions and this cougar goes absolutely wild as he revs up and gets off in her mouth and all over her chin. She licks it all clean just like a good J-Cougar should.

Mr. Abe knows how good an older woman can be. He finds Yuki online and orders her to come to his apartment. She is shy and in her forties and is very willing to fill Mr. Abe's one piece swimwear fetish fantasy. She strips down and changes into a blue suit, which does wonders showing off her very perky nipples. Her hair is short and her face is sexy and her nipples stand up like two frozen raisins, as Mr. Abe gets her mildly hairy pussy going hard with his big Japanese vibrator. Her hole is full of sap and gets even wetter, as she nibbles on Abe's cock. He lays her out and splits her legs in two, starting to bang the shit out of this older whore. He works her pussy hard, as her clit and lips start to swell from both sides of her skin tight bathing suit. He puts her through a hardcore workout, before coating her nice swimsuit with a respectable amount of cum.

Saya has an ad in a newspaper. Some younger dudes know how hot older women can be and appreciate how convenient it is to just call one over at one's desire. Saya is a very pretty older lady, who is married, but not at all satisfied with her sex life. She was kind enough to bring her sport swimsuit with her, just as her young patron ordered. She changes into the skin tight suit, her old lady nipples bulging through the front, as her saggy ass hangs from the back seam. Her customer is in love and starts to kiss her larger than average tits. Her nipples are hard and fresh for her age and her pussy fills with foamy liquid, with an aroma and consistency that only a true J-Cougar can produce. She licks his body over and grabs onto his cock with her mouth, before spreading her furry bush and handling some young cock with her tight swimwear on. She gets pumped, plugged and earns a milky puddle on her chest.

Sachiko and Jun are two Cougars who have their profiles on an escort site. Mr. Yamamoto calls the site and arranges for the two ladies to come over to his place and please him in his favorite fetish- sports swimsuits. He practices some swim moves solo on the bed, as the ladies finally arrive. Sachiko is 42 and Jun is 41, and the pair change into their skin tight sport suits. Their nipples shine through the pink and purple, as their sappy cunts start to stain the lower stitched regions. Yamamoto busts out his handy pocket rocket and uses it on Sachiko, while Jun digs for Yamamoto's hard cock. These cougars are both hairy, horny and eager for Yamamoto to fuck them both. They fight for his cock, as Sachiko gets some first, while Jun eats his ass and licks the hairy area just below his nappy ball sack. The three swap spit, as they kiss and switch things up, as Jun fights for position on Yamamoto's boner. She fucks his cock hard and cums over and over again, while Sachoko continues to get off with a combo of vibrator and Yamamoto's swift fingers. Jun nearly chokes to death, as she gets off ultra hard, before Yamamoto spills a slippery one straight down her throat.
Clip 1 - 35 mins 56 secs

Stars: Hiroko

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Clip 2 - 29 mins 4 secs

Stars: Yuki
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Clip 3 - 28 mins 48 secs

Stars: Saya
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Clip 4 - 28 mins 1 sec

Stars: Jun | Sachiko
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Cast & Stars: Japanese Cougars Gone Wild 2

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