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The revolutionary adult film that ushered in a new era of Porn Chic introduced America to the idea of sex as sophistication and erotic films as Art. Scandals ensued on Madison Avenue as the Mitchell brothers enlisted then unknown Ivory Snow girl Marilyn Chambers, for the film and appropriated their slogan, billing Chambers as "99 and 44/100 percent pure."

Behind the Green Door is a tale of fantasy, fear, anxiety and expectation. It begins as a story within a story; a trucker narrates the story of the "Green Door" to a fellow diner. As the story goes, a woman, with whom he had been flirting earlier, was taken from the hotel where they both had been staying. In a case of serendipity, the woman winds up being the main attraction at the private sex club he is attending that same night. In front of a live audience, the woman is to be cajoled into having sex with various groups of people on stage for the pleasure of the club's rich and exclusive members.

The film broke new ground through its acceptance and appeal to mainstream audiences. It is also considered to be the first feature length film to include an interracial sex scene. Paul Schrader credits the film as an inspiration for him penning 1976's "Taxi Driver" and fans of Stanley Kubrick will see the film's influence as evident in his final masterpiece Eyes Wide Shut.

One of the biggest box office successes of the 1970s, Behind the Green Door was screened at the Cannes Film Festival, received positive critical reviews in the mainstream media and is the second movie ever to be inducted into the XRCO Hall of Fame.

Liner Notes:
Marilyn Chambers, the All-American Girl, who undeniably changed the face of the adult film industry stars in her classic, ground-breaking ingenue role. Brought to the screen by the innovative talents of the Mitchell Brothers, she takes you on a cinematic journey into the sublime.
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Comments on Behind The Green Door

Editor's Review

Ever since I first heard of this movie (god knows how long ago that was), I've been dying to watch it. I mean really, how many porn movies have changed the entire industry and the way that the mainstream looks at porn in general? Not many. This 1972 Mitchell Brothers classic is a part of history. Even my mom has seen it - which means that it's definitely a part of pop culture as much as a nudie movie. As well, whenever we do a 20 questions interview with a porn star, we ask their favorite adult movie and more often than not, it's Behind the Green Door.

Though I had a vague idea of the plot before I started watching, I really wasn't too sure what to expect. The basic gist of the movie is that a trucker is telling his friends a story of this woman, whom he had been flirting with earlier that day, being taken and becoming the star attraction at an exclusive sex club - one that the guy coincidently ends up attending later in the evening. This woman (played by Marilyn Chambers) is pretty much fucked every which way but up, on stage, in front of an audience that becomes an orgy as the performance progresses.

At first, I have to admit, I was a little jarred by the plot, but as I got into it and thought about the fantasy aspect of it all, I just sat back and enjoyed the show. It really has nothing to do with risque stuff as much as the film is about letting go and experiencing pleasure you never thought possible.

More feature film than straight up porno, I'm really not surprised that this movie was so popular in the mainstream. It embraces all the nuances of a non-sex movie, making sure to have a start, middle and end, as well as a story to follow. It's not that they don't make this kind of porn these days; it's just very few and far between.

One thing I really loved in this movie is that there are women masturbating in the audience. It's so taboo for the time period that it was extra titillating for me to watch. I know it's kind of funny to pinpoint something as exact as that, but really that's what caught my eye the most. I thought it was great that the story became less about the woman on stage and about a group letting go of their inhibitions and exploring their sexuality.

Towards the end I was a little shaky on the storyline, but that might have been because I was so completely distracted by the sex. Just Marilyn and the guy, fucking on a black background. Mesmerizing. I also love the way that the music turns off near the end and you can just hear the pair's real moans and whimpers. What a great way to end an even greater movie.

This movie is definitely one to check out. Whether or not you enjoy classic movies, this is a piece of pornographic history that every adult movie watcher should see at one point in their lives. And lucky for you, it's now on-demand, exclusively with the family.

I'm gonna go call my mom to talk about the movie... a guess that's a little weird, but I'd like to think of it more as bridging the generation gap.

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