In The Christmas Spirits

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Approximate Running Time: 00:17:03
Released: 2006

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It's Christmas Eve and elf Carolyn is busy wrapping gifts for Santa to deliver the world over. Meanwhile, Mrs. Claus is in her cups, again, complaining about her problems with life at the North Pole. Then she turns her negative attention to poor little over-worked Carolyn!

Uh, oh! Mrs. Claus finally went too far and little elf Carolyn is suddenly not so forgiving. In fact, she's bent on revenge and seems to be enjoying it.
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Cast & Stars: In The Christmas Spirits

Comments on In The Christmas Spirits

Editor's Review

Mrs. Claus is wasted and her little elf helper discovers that being on the naughty list isn't such a bad thing in this spanking flick from Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment.

Apparently, Mrs. Clause (Clare Fonda) is feeling a little neglected as her husband spends the season showering everyone but her with gifts. It doesn't help that she suspects that Carolyn Reese has been riding his candy cane either... After reprimanding Reese for her shoddy present wrapping, she bends her over lap and beats her ass as red as Rudolph's nose with her hand and a paddle. In scene two, the elf decides she's had enough and turns the tables on Mrs. Claus!

To be honest, I enjoyed this film because it's packed full of ridiculous puns, but it didn't really turn me on. I'm really trying to broaden my XXX experience, but I'm starting to think that spanking flicks just don't do it for me. Having said that, if you're a spanking enthusiast, this seems to be a pretty good flick and will definitely put you in the Christmas mood!

Ps. The bows on the back of Reese's thigh highs are adorable!

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