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The Masseuse (2004)





Studio: Club Jenna
Disc Set:
Approximate Running Time: 01:32:05
Released: 2004

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2005 AVN Award Winner for Best Film
2005 AVN Award Winner for Best Director
2005 AVN Award Winner for Best Actor
2005 AVN Award Winner for Best Actress
2004 XRCO Best Film of the Year

Perhaps you may remember this title from a long time ago. Perhaps you may even remember that that title was also directed by Paul Thomas. Well, it took cajones the size of small wrecking balls, but Paul Thomas re-worked and re-cast his 1990 award-winning film, now starring the modern-era porn "power couple."

Jenna Jameson is The Masseuse combines the powerful storytelling that only Thomas can bring to the table with the scintillating performance capabilities of Sterling and Jameson. The on-screen electricity of their sex is only rivaled by the intricacy and depth of their characters - this is one porn title where the acting is actually WORTH paying attention to.

The plot has changed little; Sterling plays the role of Jim Mitchell, the nerdy and now internet-savvy sexual neophyte. Jameson portrays Barbara - the masseuse of the film's namesake and prostitute. Featuring a wide scope of sex scenes ranging from the tried-and-true hand job to full-on BDSM, the use of digital filming brings this re-working of a classic into a whole new light.
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Comments on The Masseuse (2004)

Editor's Review

I'm not sure what I was expecting when I started watching this Jenna Jameson movie, but it sure wasn't what I ended up with. Maybe I was planning on a tame, erotic romp with lots of passionate kissing and romantic embraces, but that this was not. Featuring Jameson and her real life husband, Justin Sterling, this movie follows shy recluse Jim Mitchell as he falls deeper and deeper in love with Barbara, his masseuse.

While the love affair is really just in Jim's head, their physical relationship moves to the next level as he pays Barbara to make house calls and fulfill his kinky fantasies. More thriller than traditional porn, this remake (of the award-winning 1990 movie The Masseuse, directed by Paul Thomas as well) is not only super plot based, but offers an attention grabbing story that pulls you in and has you watching til the credits. And that's nothing to sneeze at when you are talking about porn!

As much as I like that this flick is pretty different than most other pornos I've seen, there was something uncomfortable for me when it came to watching a story about stalking and a man entrenched in a disillusionment in the context of porno. I know that porn is all about fantasy and indulging what gets you off, but in the movie they touch on the fact that what's going on in Jim's head is not what's going on in reality. It just felt overly creepy to me. It just goes to show that Sterling, who looks like Michael Cera all grown up, is a surprisingly good actor.

And let' not forget about now-retired Jenna Jameson. Her acting stills are right on par as well, truly making this movie feel more mainstream and less porn. I guess there is a reason she's one of the biggest crossover stars ever.

Aside from my personal eek factor, I think this movie is actually pretty hot. Jameson and Sterling have a definite chemistry and it's easy to see they are totally into each other. And while the fucking is harder in some scenes, even the hardcore kinky sex has a tender touch to it.

All in all, I might not recommend this unexpected movie as the first porn you should ever see, but it's definitely worth a watch when you are good looking for something a little out of the ordinary.

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