Top Heavy Tarts 11

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Kali West & Rodney
Kali is in jail because the cops thought she was a hooker and her asshole boyfriend bailed on her. While sitting in her cell, Rodney gets thrown in for being. He mistakes her for a hooker too and tries to buy a little fun. She refuses but he talks her into showing him her massive tits. With his hard cock out, Kali decides to get back at her boyfriend by sucking Rodney's dick and then letting him stick it up her pussy. He fucks her hard, grabbing on to her round ass and her big rack until finally giving her a Rodney Blast to her face, mouth and boobs.

Carolyn Reese & Rodney
Rodney show's up at Carolyn's to remove some old furniture for her. When he sees a strange chair he asks her what it's for. She tells him it's a Queening Chair and then shows him how it works. He lies down with his head in the chair and she sits on his face. He snacks on her snatch as she moans with delight. Soon, she's going down on his cock, getting it hard, wet and ready to go deep up in her. He fucks her hard until he shoots his white load in her mouth. She swallows every last drop.

Lilly Lovely & Eric Swiss
Lily finds out that her boyfriend has cheated on her with her best friend. To get back at him, she vows to give a blowjob to the next man who walks into the Diner where she works. Eric comes in for a cup of coffee and gets the best service of his life. He gets a face full of her beautiful tits. Then she gets on her knees and takes a mouthful of his cock. She sucks him hard until he cums on her face and rack.

Callie Dee & Rodney
This is Callie's first video and she's excited. She's also exhausted and wants to take a nap on Rodney's couch before the shoot. But Rodney is excited too and can't wait to start. He gets her naked so she can sleep better but soon is licking her toes and massaging her pussy. He slips his hard cock inside her, trying not to wake her, but it feels too good and now she's ready for the video. He licks her snatch, she rides his Rod, and they both fuck in all sorts of ways until she gets her first Rodney Blast to the face. Now he needs a nap!

Rucca Page & Chris Johnson
Rucca offers Chris a special massage using just her boobs. It doesn't relax him very much. In fact, it makes him hard. He returns the favor by massaging her pussy but what's a man to do with a stiff cock? It's going to have to go somewhere, so Rucca takes it deep in her mouth, sucking hard while Chris fingers her snatch. She takes his cock back and forth from her wet mouth to her warm, soft tits until he shoots his load all over them.
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