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Lights Out





Studio: GwenMedia
Approximate Running Time: 01:10:50
Released: 2009

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A new submissive (Ariel X) is brought into Mistress Aiden's chateau along with her current slave, Madison. Together, they entertain and satisfy their Mistress sadistic hunger. But when the lights go out, these two submissives develop a deep connection which leads to forbidden love affair. Once their actions are uncovered by their Mistress, both girls' dedication to service is questioned. Madison and Ariel endure a trial of predicament bondage and vicious sadism, as the two are pitted against each other to prove just where their true dedication lies.
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Cast & Stars: Lights Out

Comments on Lights Out

Editor's Review

It's been a long, long time since I last indulged in a GwenMedia production but it's hot and sticky outside and all I want is beautiful women wearing very little and staying very still. You know, to cool down or something. Of course my attention can't be held simply by pretty bonds, so I'm turning to one of the premiere studios in feature bondage porn for little story with my naked.

We start off with a naked, creamy pale Madison Young, doing dishes at her Mistresses bidding. Already I can see I've made the right choice, so far no one's in heavy cloying costume, silk robes and total nudity are the order of the day. If you've never seen a mistress breast jiggle freely while she utilizes a whip you've never lived and Aiden Starr's breasts are simply magnificent in just any situation.

The story for "Lights Out" is an interesting one. Two slaves who share a Mistress, one more experienced than the other is instructed to assist in the training of the new recruit, somehow this leads to the two slaves being attracted to each other and breaking one of their Mistress' most important rules. I must say it's no wonder they were caught their fucking wasn't exactly quiet or discreet though they were actually done in by a video camera. After that it's a duel between submissives to see who's greatest desire truly is their Mistress. So who wins the privilege of serving their Mistress and who's sent home?

As always with GwenMedia, I find myself envying their toys. There's a padded wall featured in one whipping scene that's definitely enviable as it allows the slave a little give while kneeling back to the wall. Though it might just be me, but high heels seem wasted in a small dog cage. Rubber sleeping bags, yeah I took a minute to coo over the existence of these comfy looking sleeping accessories, the slaves even get to sleep in matching rubber garter belts and stockings.

Amazingly fun from start to finish, the sex which was mostly either solo or female on female seemed genuinely exciting for both parties. The predicaments were engrossing Mistress Aiden's hand was firm and just even when her slaves were being exceptionally naughty. Most of all I enjoyed the light costuming in this hot assed weather! Just enough for effect while still allowing the women's natural beauty to shine through.

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