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Babe 15 - Wet Panties Box Cover
Stars: ,
Approximate Running Time: 00:05:37
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    Number 15 from Babe

    Kathy starts blowing Ken once he gets big and hard from watching her play with her tits. While she is sucking him off her panties become saturated with juices! Then when she climbs on top of that hard cock she is able to release all her juices and Ken releases his all over her face. This film is part of the Babe series; it was shot on 8mm film in color.

    Original Liner Notes: Kathy's absent mindedly playing with her nipples. Ken gets turned on and slides her pretty undies over to ram his duck up her sweet pussy. She gives him a blow job through his shorts, and then takes it out for a suck. After she sits on him awhile, Ken comes on her face.
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    Cast & Stars: Babe 15 - Wet Panties

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