How To Please A She-Male 3

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Joey Silvera delivers lots of Mutually Assured Dick-sucking in HOW TO PLEASE A SHE-MALE 3, a brand-new, ten-scene collection of she-males and their swains mostly feasting on each others cocks, with some tease and just a little ass-fucking thrown in for good measure. After introducing us to American T-girls including the feisty Jamie Croft and African-American Nyobi, the Sultan of She-Male Porn heads to Brazil to take the temperature there, highlighting scenes with Carla Ferraz and Shakira Maya. The disc contains photo galleries and trailers.

Scene one:

Tan, blonde Jamie Croft is hanging out on a Hollywood side street with Joey, and it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. "A beautiful day to get my cock sucked," Jamie cracks, before flashing her new tits at the camera. Back at his place, she hikes up her dress and pulls aside her zebra-pattern underwear to unleash her long, uncut cock, which she manipulates to attention. Suddenly, tall, bald Christian appears from behind her and starts kissing and caressing the sexy she-male. His mouth works its way from breasts to belly button to cock. He starts jerking off while sucking her off, getting a good tea-bagging before she goes down between his knees to return the favor. They switch positions and Christian fellates her expertly until he lays face-up on the floor between her legs, mouth open to catch the ropes of she-semen that Jamie strokes forth. She rewards him by sucking out his seed and savoring it in her pretty mouth.

Scene two:

Big, black and sassy Miss Goodbar shows up early for her gig because "I'm horny!" Jag awaits her in Joey's lair, dressed smartly in a blue suit and aviator sunglasses like an FBI agent. He immediately starts spanking Miss' hard, firm ass-cheeks and dry-humping her from behind as he helps peel off her dress. She gives his puny white cock some friendly head before leaning back and letting Jag use his hand and mouth to work her long, African-American she-penis. She stands and feeds it to him, and then they sixty-nine, until both come on each other's cheeks.

Scene three:

Nicole Foxxx "likes somebody to get down on their knees and suck my dick," as she mentions while sunglassed Jag sprays down her tawny black torso until it shines. She sits down and lets him polish her knob as well: "I like the way you deep-throat and gag on that fucking cock," she says approvingly, before grabbing the back of his head and rotating her hips, fucking his mouth. He sucks on her milk-chocolate nipples and strokes her shaft. Then Jag has her bend over so he can pull her cock back between her cheeks and feast on it and her asshole at the same time. He stands and she slides between his legs, sucking away until he loses a large, messy load all over her nubile chest. Then she masturbates in private, just for Joey and the viewer!

Scene four:

Nyobi is yet another sexy, confident Black T-girl. Clad in Daisy Dukes, gym socks and a cut-off top, she lets her cock peek from out of her unbuttoned fly as tattooed white baldie Diezel lounges on the steps, drooling. Nyobi sticks out her bubble-butt for a bit of spanking and to let Diezel peel off her shorts so he can give her the old Rusty Trombone before spinning her around and sucking her cock properly. He stands up and grabs the banister so she can show off her superior cocksucking skill, after which he tests out what he's learned on her long, hard meat. Finally, she jacks off on his face as he sits between her legs.

Scene five:

Meanwhile in Brazil, biological female Sabrina prances back and forth, showing off her hard, perfect body encased in skimpy summer wear. Narrow waist, full ass, beautiful breasts and a gorgeous face entrance both Joey behind the camera and Sabrina's T-girl pal Shakira, a pale hottie with straw-blonde straight hair and an overbite. Posing in front of the mirror, Sabrina does a striptease that stiffens Shakira's cock and makes her take out her own small, firm titties and rub them. Sabrina swallows the she-cock down to the root before sucking the balls and rimming the she-male ass while fingering her own cunt until Shakira comes in her mouth.

Scene six:

Carla Renata Ferraz is a classic Brazilian T-girl, with platinum blond hair, perfect make-up and tan-lines to die for. Arcanjo appears to peel the black bra and panties from the purring beauty and bend her over so he can sup on her asshole and test it with his finger. On her hands and knees, she rewards him with a lavish blowjob, then letting him suck on her huge brown nipples before chowing down on her girl-dick. She sucks him off and jerks herself at the same time. Then clever Arcanjo sticks a vibrator up Carla's ass, turning her on to the point where she lays back and lets him splatter his seed all over her full, heaving bosoms.

Scene seven:

Patricia Bysmark is a tall Brazilian T-girl with great tits and not much English. She also has Xame, a shy new boy-toy that she strips and plays with her cock for as he sits in front of his laptop. As soon as she's in grabbing range, he starts inexpertly but enthusiastically licking and kissing her penis. She undresses him as they make out, letting him drop to his knees to suck her some more. Then she goes to her own knees to show him her practiced mouth moves, getting him hard so she can slide his rod between her full breasts. He practices his cock-sucking some more, and is rewarded with her load all over his hairless young chest. She reciprocates by sucking and stroking his load out all over her smooth, full tits.

Scene eight:

"Cindy Neilson is the most abusive she-male I ever shot... I just sat back and rolled tape," Joey prefaces this scene with. Cindy is a compact blonde who rips the clothes - and glasses - off of skinny little Pablo before shoving her dick in his mouth and clamping his nostrils shut. Then she bends him over for a spanking, alternately slapping his asshole with her stiffening cock. She alternates between fucking his face and his ass, finally offering him some cocksucking in return as she strokes her own dick, unleashing it over his face as she pinches his nipples and slaps his chest. Dragging Pablo to the toilet, she dunks his face in to wash her cum away, laughing the whole time.

Scene nine:

Sultry brunette Alesandra Riberio has a pretty face dominated by a blinding smile and a trim figure dominated by full but tight ass-cheeks. She peels off her black lingerie, revealing small, natural boobs capped with sexy dark nubbins. She lures handsome young Kaike over to the bed so she can rub his cock through his underwear as he licks her nipples. He nips at her cock through her panties before pulling them down so he can pull apart her ass-cheeks and dine on her culo before moving on to the main course. He enthusiastically sucks her cock before trading positions, and though Alesandra looks super-hot slurping his joint while manipulating her own, Kaike seems to prefer being the giver rather than the receiver. He nips and deep-throats her she-dick, jamming a vibrator up her ass to make her even stiffer. Finally, they jerk off together. He leans over and catches her cum on his tongue, then holds her cock tight while he strokes away at his own until it spurts all over hers.

Scene ten:

Sandy Lopez is a boyish brunette who makes herself up in the mirror to charm curly-haired Arcanjo, who loves making out with her perfect face. He then shoots a photo session of her in her ultra-short dress and black stockings. It's not long before the dress has been pulled off and he's nibbling at the tiny dark nipples on her flat chest. She leans against the wall as he explores her body before yanking her down so she can show off her rod-swallowing capabilities. Sitting her on her makeup table, Arcanjo sucks her cock and fingers her ass, then sucks her toes through her fishnet stockings. They jerk off together until she cums and he quickly drops to his knees to lick the semen from her shaft. Then he stands and delivers on her slim chest.

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