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2009 Feminist Porn Award Winner for Most Deliciously Diverse Cast
2010 AVN Award Nominee for Best Music Soundtrack.

"Proving that queerness is as hard to define as it is to ignore."

Round and Round she goes, where she'll stop - nobody knows. All bets are off in this DIY directorial debut from NoFauxxx's Courtney Trouble. Seven steamy scenarios show off a deliciously diverse cast, which earned the feature a 2009 Feminist Porn Award. A burlesque beauty and her girlfriend have hot sex at home. An engaged gay couple enjoy a rooftop romp. A foxy femme initiates and directs her own pool table gang bang. A wrestler inspired by locker room lust puts the smackdown on himself. A porn star fulfills her fantasy of filming a sploosh scene. Erotic and edgy with a punk aesthetic, these authentic acts document queer sex, culture and desire, proving that queerness is as hard to define as it is to ignore.

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Clip 2 - 10 mins 30 secs

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Stars: Cyd
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Stars: Nikolaj | Walter
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Stars: Dia Zerva
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Stars: Milo | Cole
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Comments on NoFauxxx Roulette

Editor's Review

Scene 1

Back in April, when I first got to see a snip of this movie at the Feminist Porn Awards, I knew we just had to have it. DIY queer porn from the awesomeness that is Courtney Trouble - does it get better? And don't think this is some amateur flick with poor video and even crappier sound. That couldn't be farther from the truth. This award-winning (it won "Most Deliciously Diverse Cast" at the Feminist Porn Awards!) romp is totally high quality, as well as thoughtful and packed with sexy queers really getting off.

With seven scenes and more than an hour and a half of hot XXX sexin', I figured I'd be doing this movie a great disservice by trying to fit it all into one review. So I've decided to break it into scene-by-scene reviews and really get into the meat of the action. I know, the things I do for you people. I'm like a modern day Mother Teresa.

Starting with scene one, which has been flagged on HM4Her has being especially hot, we get Ceci Delores and Kenji and within the first two second I was totally sold. Trouble polishes off her porno with an awesome soundtrack that features lots of rad riot girl tunes, which makes me very happy. I don't think I've ever watched fucking to music this good... well, at least not in a long time. Ok, back to the sex! Before we even get action, we get to see Ceci decked out in sparkly lingerie, hunting for the perfect outfit for a performance, while bored Kenji sits reading a magazine and waiting for her to get ready.

Kenji gets up to help Ceci pick an outfit and ends up distracting her from the original mission. Fuck clothes! Nakeness is where it's at... especially when there's a nice comfy couch to get busy on. And get busy they do, with Kenji stripping down to just a strap-on cock and getting the blow job of hir life. There is something so sexy about watching a strap-on BJ! I really like that even though the couch is right there to fuck on, the pair stick to the ground, licking, sucking and fucking amid cast off petticoats and other clothing tossed during the outfit search.

To bring it up one more time, the music in this scene is amazing. As you know, I've watched more than my fair share of porno, and I've seen a ton of pussy-licking, but watching it with the slow music in the background (definitely not covering up her moans - they are the best part!) created a whole other experience for me. One that I really enjoyed. It was like watching oral sex for the first time... or at least not like watching any other cunnilingus scene. And when you've seen a million, having a stand out totally matters.

There was so much chemistry between Ceci and Kenji, I swear I could see periodic elements shooting off their skin. Their giggles and smiles genuinely made the scene so much hotter for me, along with Ceci's thigh high fishnets and the shiny silver buckles of Kenji's harness. All those little details that Trouble picks up really make this a stellar scene.

This may be Courtney Trouble's directorial debut, but from what I've just watched, this gal is quite the old hand at bringing the hottest of the hot to the porno screen. I seriously cannot wait to see what comes next. I'll bring the popcorn; you bring the lube.

Scene 2

Last week I reviewed the smokin' hot first scene of this Courtney Trouble queer masterpiece and I figured that one super sexy turn deserves another, so you know I just have to check out scene two. Even sneak peeking at this scene as I finished watching the first one, it was obvious that this is totally the movie for me. A tattooed, pierced up queer with knee socks and a mischievous grin - swoon.

This scene follows Cyd, a gender-bending stud with a hard-on for wrestlers. While I wouldn't say that wrestling is really my thing, Cyd and a beautiful glass dildo are right up my alley. That glass dildo is up Cyd's alley too, which is obviously my favorite part of this scene. I love that Cyd inserts the hard glass dildo and still keeps a nice firm dick strapped-on. I'm the kinda girl that likes a lot of options.

I also really like that Cyd never showed much skin. There is something very sexy about leaving something up to the imagination, especially when you aren't sure what's under that black t-shirt. With no genital super close ups either, it made this movie feel extra queer to me, which is never a bad thing. I am a big fan of fucking with gender.

The one thing they did close up on a bunch was Cyd's face. The face shot is my absolute favorite to watch when someone cums. That and a jerking body - all those muscles contracting and going crazy. I love it! And though there was some signature awesome music in the background, it never overpowered the scene or covered any of those hard earned moans and groans. Half the thrill is hearing the sexy noises. Salt-N-Pepa were right!

I seriously cannot wait for scene three.

Scene 3

Welcome back for round three of our scene-by-scene NoFauxx Roulette review-fest! It's not often that I get a chance to watch a queer flick with two super hot punk rock bio boys getting it on with each other, so I was excited about this scene before I even hit play. But, before we get to the sex, Courtney Trouble has a little something special up her sleeve...

I love that this scene starts out with a music video for queer rapper Katastrophe. Like I've said in the other Roulette reviews, Courtney Trouble mixes music into her movies like it's part of the plot. Her song choices make or break the scenes, and having a music video in the thick of it just proves that she knows how to merge two great things into one awesomely amazing piece.

Ok, on to the fucking! Walter and Nikolaj head up to the roof for a little alone time and an awesome view of the city. Sipping on a 40oz and making out, this super cute twosome definitely have more than a little sexual chemistry between them. The movie description says that they are an engaged couple, which totally fits with the exchange of passion they exude on the screen. And that's before clothes even come off. But once they do... holy hot sex!

While it's wrong to assume these guys are tough because of their tattoos, piercings and colorful mohawks, it's hard not to think that they don't usually show this much vulnerability, and it feels like we are watching something special and private between the two. Nothing looks staged or posed. Just what feels good to them and how they get off. This is my favorite kind of porn - where it feels like I'm watching sex, not porn.

Once again, Trouble kills it. Thanks Courtney.

J.D. Bauchery

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