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Belladonnas HELL'S BELLES mixes the familiar and the brand-new with a scintillating line-up of sexually adventurous and "alt" pretty young things who are happy to stretch their limits under the tutelage of everybody's favorite new millennium porn idol! Notoriously extreme blonde kink goddess Adrianna Nicole helps indoctrinate tattooed and lewd Draven Star, Violet Monroe, Jessie Lee, and Misty Dawn into the wonders of polyamory, bisexual ecstasy, with Mr. Pete and Sean Michaels providing the penis! The disc contains over 150 minutes of extras, including behind-the-scenes, trailers, and a cumshots recap.

Scene one: Alt-girl Draven Star is doing her best Betty Page impersonation on Belladonnas bearskin rug when Bella walks in and offers her a designer lollipop. They lounge on the rug and suck their pops until Bella dispenses with the small talk and starts making out with the heavily tattooed Draven. She pulls up her leopard-print dress and starts munching on her shaven box, and soon the two are bumping pussies before taking turns slurping on each other's gash. Bella takes out a toy and introduces it to Stars anus, but before things can go too far that way, Draven distracts her by burying her face between her cheeks for some serious cunt-munching that brings Bella to a screaming orgasm.

Scene two: James Deen is bugging Adrianna Nicole by paying more attention to the expensive telescope in Bella's bedroom than to her. "It's daytime, you can't see anything!" she exclaims. Deen acquiesces and comes over to the bed, fondling Adrianna before pushing her ankles way over her head and feasting on her pussy. He begins fucking her in the same position, sucking on her feet a bit as she goes. Then he lays her down and starts pumping in earnest, hanging on to her huge ass-cheeks for purchase. Their frisky, couples-friendly encounter leads of course to some deep anal, with James playing with her pussy and putting a friendly hand around Adrianna's neck as he sodomizes her. He ends up coming on her belly. Curious, Adrianna checks out the telescope, only to discover that James has been peeping on the slut next door. Do-oh!

Scene three: Violet Monroe is a nerd-girl alt-chick with horn-rimmed glasses, and Brian Street Team is a gentle sort of alt-dude with ear plugs, tattoos and a Burning Angel T-shirt. He gives Violet a dirty book to look at, and she sits down to dutifully page through it. She finds herself hot and bothered when Bella bops in and starts making out with Brian in way of greeting. "It's hot in here!" Bella exclaims, stripping down to her wife-beater and torn-up gray sweatpants. She starts looking through Brian's books as he shoves his hand down her sweats and they continue to make out. They soon attack Violet; "You didn't think you could come to the library and not share some of this meat," Bella purrs, immediately sucking on her pussy as Brian suckles her breasts. Soon enough the girls are sharing Brian's cock, Bella sucking on the balls, Violet swallowing the shaft. Ever the hungry, hungry ho, Bella jumps on the dick first, as Violet spanks her ass and sucks Brian's balls, taking the whole shaft in her mouth when Bella jumps up and starts humping Brian's face. Then its Violets turn to get her pussy pumped, while Bella plays with them both. The trio forms every daisy-chain permutation they can think of, until Brian stands over them, jerking off as the girls encourage him. He unleashes his load in Bella's waiting mouth; she then snowballs it to the more demure Violet.

Scenes 4 - 6 can be seen on Disc 2 of this 2 disc set.

Scene four: Misty Dawn and Bella are wearing day-glo colored wigs and making out with a glass shower door between them. When the shower door swings open, Belladonna invades the stall and immediately goes for Misty's pussy, then works her way up to her heavily tattooed chest, sucking loudly on her nipples. They move to the toilet and start playing with a three-foot long purple dildo. Bella sits on the toilet with her legs up in the air and strokes her clit as Misty works one end of the toy into Bella's snatch while she sucks on the other end. The toy is withdrawn so that Misty can service Bella's pussy with her mouth, which earns her own vag a roto-rooting with the long dildo as well as some lip service. A vibrator against Mist's clit brings her to orgasm as Bella pumps the purple snake in her canal with her mouth until she's choking.

Scene five: A shirtless Mr. Pete is poking around Bella's playroom and finds a pink-haired alt chick with kitty-cat ears sitting in the cabinet. Jessie Lee is a gap-toothed sweetie with a labret beneath her lip, huge chest tattoo atop natural boobs. She sucks cock in a traditional porno-chick manner, though, as Mr. Pete quickly discovers, to his pleasure. He pumps her tight mouth as she holds her hands down at her sides, also showing off her ball-gargling skills. Pete sits on the sofa and she crawls over, spreading her legs to reveal a shaven pussy and more tattoos! Pete puts her through cowgirl and spoon paces, strangling her a little as he pumps her to her pleasure. He takes her back over to the closet for a standing doggie reverse, and after splattering her face with his seed, puts her back where he found her and shuts the door.

Scene six: Misty Dawn returns, sans wig but with "natural" red hair. She and Sean Michaels lounge on the couch, playing a long-time couple reminiscing about their "trip to India" as they make out. They repair to the bedroom, and Sean strips Misty down, showing off the full range of her colorful tattoos against her pale skin. His chocolate-hued super-dick looks even better against her pale flesh, as he puts his mouth by her face and she suckles away. They hump on the bed in doggie, reverse cowgirl and spoon positions, with Sean moving the buxom girl into each position before gracing her with his load. An excellent couples scene for all the alt and interracial fans!
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