Idolize My Ass: Maria Face Destruction

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Approximate Running Time: 00:11:40
Released: 2009

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According to the law of physics no women should be allowed to have an ASS like Maria's. Not one ounce of fat on that Jessica Rabbit type frame is amazing enough, however when you factor in the ratio between her waist and ASS it's downright alien like. Maria licked her chops when see saw this underwear model small frame man walk into her den. She teases him a little, calls him over and then demands his face up her colossal round Ass. His entire face literally disappears in this mammoth ASS. The struggle to breathe was almost instant however the young lad had a little fight in him so he dared to continue the battle between his Face and Maria's ASS! After an eternity of Anal Tongue Fucking and Face Smashing, Maria slaps him and squats on him one last time... a reminder to all that Maria is the new reigning queen and MOTHER of All ASSes!
Clip 1 - 11 mins 40 secs

Stars: Maria

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Cast & Stars: Idolize My Ass: Maria Face Destruction

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