Behind The Red Door

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Approximate Running Time: 01:33:54
Released: 2009

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2010 Feminist Porn Award Nominee

Discover the dolls in residence behind the red door. Adult superstar April Flores is a big, beautiful, porcelain plaything who likes to dress up and get down. Each room she explores inspires an erotic encounter. Queer artist SYD Blakovich fuels her passion for fashion and feet. She experiences ecstasy with prolific performer Ashley Blue and her titillating toys. April and plum porn star Kelly Shibari cast off their beautiful ballet costumes to indulge in each other. The mysterious Matador shows April what an "action" figure can do. And for the Felliniesque finale, she gives the paparazzi a sensational solo show!
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Cast & Stars: Behind The Red Door

Comments on Behind The Red Door

Editor's Review

Scene 1

Behind The Red Door is one of those movies that I just have to review form beginning to end. Worried that I wouldn't do it justice by focusing on one or two scenes, J.D. suggested I take my time and review this movie one scene at a time. Great idea!

All of the performers in this HeartCore Films movie turn sex into both sport and art. They commit to every movement and fuck with all of their being. Sensual, athletic (at times) and fluid come to mind.

The first scene stars April Flores and Syd Blakovich in a fantastical display of sex that makes me wish I was a boot-print bed spread. These two devour each other in pretty much the same way I devour flourless chocolate cake with chocolate ganache frosting. It's pretty intense and the chemistry is off the charts.

April and Syd feast on each others' pussies and give me all of the hot foot action I could ask for. April spends a good deal of time sucking on Syd's toesies while simultaneously foot fucking her. Along the way, Syd continuously gets lost in April's big beautiful tits and grinds her way on top of them. She works her way up and eventually straddles April's face and comes on her face and breasts. Female ejaculation is indeed a thing of joy. And dear god did Syd look amazing squatting over April's face. I loved looking at her strong bad ass tattooed body. I'm not trying to reduce her to parts, but strength is just sexy.

Before I wrap this up I have to say that these two bust out some fantastic toys. The Pure Wand, Eleven and Hitachi all make appearances and bring about convulsions of the best kind. They destroy each other.

As always, Carlos Batts did a great job of directing this scene, although Syd Blakovich and April Flores didn't need much direction. These two screwed like it was their last day on earth. The scene was full of sweat, pleasure and commitment to each and every act. Syd and April locked in on each other and didn't let go until they just couldn't take it anymore. However, I get the idea that with a little break and perhaps a snack, they could go for round two.

Scene 2

It's time to review the next scene in Behind The Red Door. If I were going in order I would be reviewing scene 2, but I decided to go all Tarantino on your ass and skip to scene 3. Why? Because at HotMoviesForHer do what we want!

I love watching April Flores and Kelly Shibari in their bright skirts and big beautiful smiles. They're just having fun in this scene and that makes my job easy. They laugh and bounce (yay boobies) and kiss and play and get lost in each other (yay boobies again). Similar to the first scene, there is a lot of chemistry here. The difference is that where Syd and April went after each other like 2 wild animals, here Kelly and April are sort of entranced in each other. They play with each other and themselves, pulling out lots of sex toys while enjoying the view in the mirror - hot!

These two Zaftikeh Moids, as J.D. calls them, look fantastic together. I love all of their curves and skin mushing together. I think they are a great pair, with their billowing love pillows and plump what-have-you's all in the mix. They are gorgeous. By the way, Kelly's sparkly platform heels are awesome!

These two are totally fun to watch. While it doesn't culminate in female ejaculation or tit slapping, April and Kelly enjoy the crap out of each other. You won't find any hardcore intense fucking here, but will find two sexy ladies having a good time.

Scene 4

After Ginger Leigh reviewed the first few scenes from this awesome movie, I just knew I had to hop on the bandwagon and get to checking out this awesome movie. Already on the fourth scene, we already know how wicked hot April Flores is in this flick. This specific scene features the zaftig porno goddess getting busy with Ashley Blue, or as the movie labels them - Doll #18 & Doll #12.

Starting off on a couch, the pair gets all fondly together for the camera and make sure to give plenty of attention to each other's tits and mouths. Soon they get into lots of delicious pussy licking action and treats like that on the floor in front of the couch. Toys even begin to come out! So many big toys - silicone dils, glass; in vags and butts! Yum and yum!

My favorite part of this scene is the artsy feel of it. The film is sped up just a touch, giving the whole thing an awesome, chopping feel. It's also shot with some sort of fishbowl lens, which also adds an extra layer to the artistic feel. Then again, this flick is directed by award-winning director/photographer Carlos Batts, who is known especially for his high art slant and making unique, interesting films (plus he's married to star April Flores). I would expect nothing less from him.

Another hit from Heartcore Films!

Nate says:
Why was there music playing Complete waste of time.

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