Belladonna's Strapped Dykes (Disc 2)






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2011 AVN Award Nominee for Best Original Song.

2011 AVN Award Nominee for Best All-Girl Couples Sex Scene.

Special Extended 2-Disc Set. With STRAPPED DYKES, Belladonna continues her sexual subculture explorations with this mash-up of hardcore dykes and "straight" porn starlets. No "air cunnilingus" or gay-for-pay here... Bella and her plastic-dick wielding, hairy-legged partner-in-girl-slime Jiz Lee incite five scenes of unabashed, gritty Real Lesbian Action. Jizz demolishes Bella, BBW April Flores, Sinn Sage, and Syd Blakovich. Alt-goddess Blakovich also goes around each with Bobbi Starr and Aiden Starr! The disc features a two-part behind-the-scenes, trailers, and a bonus scene.

Scene one: Belladonna, inspired by the musky manliness of hairy-legged, big-bushed butch dyke Jiz Lee, throws the doors wide open and unleashes her inner hardcore lesbian in an intense scene short on traditional "porny" action but long on passionate making out, face-riding and strap-on action. Starting from a slow burn as Bella quizzes Jiz on her jockstrap fashion statement, sits on her face and makes her mouth-worship her fake cock, the reigns of power get handed back and forth between playfully dominant Bella and horny Jiz, with each taking their turns topping and bottoming. Jiz learns how to fuck and get fucked like a porn star, and Bella conquers yet another sexual idiom!

Scene two: Jiz is sitting at Bella's piano in a dark suit and shirt all "L-word" like, but unfortunately she can't play a note. Alt-BBW-Latina princess April Flores, observing in her tight cocktail dress, clutching a beverage, is still impressed - just not by the piano playing. The two of them make out on the piano bench, leading to Jiz offering April's plus-sized black fetish boots some tongue worship that leads up her plump thighs and to her pale, pink and generous pubic mound. Then skinny Little Jiz strips down to her strap-on and bends zaftig April over the futon couch to give her a good doggie-style fuck with a life-like penis dildo. When Jiz turns her over for some missionary, April really goes crazy, moaning and grabbing at her, biting her nipples. Her eye make-up smeared like Marilyn Manson's from all the fucking, April goes to her knees and laps up Jiz's hairy bush, licking and chomping on her toes for good measure. Then she turns the dildo on her, punching her tits and making her scream before titty-fucking her feet, before the thrill-happy pair collapse into one contented heap.

Scene three: To the strains of some grrl-power punk-rock, Jiz Lee prepares for erotic battle in slow motion black and white, as does Syd Blakovich and Sinn Sage, both done up in butch drag. The scene proper opens with Sinn and Jiz making out and groping each other's fake cocks, while Syd perches on a pillar and strokes her own strap-on. Finally, the heavily-tattooed dyke slips from her seat and strips down Sin while she's giving a fervent blowjob to Jiz's strap-on, sliding her fingers in her pussy, eating her ass, and stroking her own penis substitute. Syd jams her "cock" up Sinn's pussy and rabbit-fucks her doggie-style as the latter starts licking Jiz's pussy. Then they remove Jiz's cock from its harness, and Sinn fucks Jizz missionary-style. Jiz jumps on Sinn 69-style, sucking her strap-on while Sinn fingers her even as Syd sits on Sinn's face and eats Jizz's furry asshole. The pile of girls pretending to be boys continues, as Sinn fucks Syd's ass while Jizz slurps her pussy. Then Syd stretches Jiz's pussy open with four fingers, and punches a dildo deep into her hole with her fist. The playful orgy continues until everyone's a sweaty, satisfied mess!

Scene four: Bobbi Starr puts her high-heeled foot in Syd Blakovich's crotch, and the seated dyke kisses her way up the femme's stockinged leg. Bobbi pushes her back in place with her foot, and sits down on her lap, letting the hungry butch peel away her bra and feed on her nipples. An extended session of nuzzling, groping and making out leads to Syd falling to her knees between Bobbi's thighs, intent on a mouthful of that famous porn-star pussy. Tattooed Syd carpet-munches away before attacking Bobbi's breasts and then turning her over so she can tongue-fuck her asshole. Syd works Bobbi's pussy hard, spanking her as she goes. Switching roles, Bobbi goes submissive and pulls off Syd's work-boot so she can suck her toes as Syd reaches back and uses four fingers to pull Bobbi's cunt wide open. Bobbi sucks Syd's fur-covered clit before Syd gets down on her hands and knees so Bobbi can toe-fuck the dyke while she continues sucking her femme's other foot. Syd puts on her strap-on, which Bobbi gives a footjob to before having it plunged deep in her pussy. After more hardcore play, Syd stands over a prone Bobbi and jerks off her pussy until she squirts all over Bobbi's face as the irrepressible slut blows bubbles with it.

Scene five: Blonde little Aiden Starr is all girly in a see-through yellow jumper that clings to her big natural tits, her hair in pigtails as she flirts with Syd Blakovich, who is sitting dressed in boy's clothes with a sideways baseball cap on the sofa. Aiden rubs the big stiff one in her jeans and makes out with her before hopping in her lap and losing the jumper. Naked except for a G-string, the spinner writhes against Syd as the butch plays with Aiden's big, milky tits. Aiden slides down between her legs and gives her an enthusiastic BJ, as Syd yanks her by the ponytails before pushing her down so she can go diving into Aiden's clean, hairless pussy and ass. Syd fucks her doggie and mish-style with her strap-on, hands around her bitch's neck. In between thrusting, Syd eats her pussy and bites her tits, as Aiden lays back and yelps with pleasure. Syd fucks her tits with the strap-on. Then Aiden switches and makes Syd her submissive, fucking her mouth with her entire foot and then slipping it into her hairy muff as the tattooed dyke furiously jacks off. The toes even go up Syd's ass, and then to her mouth. Syd services Aiden's pussy, bringing her to a screaming orgasm, and then bends over so Aiden can finger-fuck her asshole and pussy at the same time. Then the little porn pixie shoves a buttplug up Syd's ass and punches it hard until it falls out, after which she shoves the whole thing down Syd's mouth.
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Cast & Stars: Belladonna's Strapped Dykes (Disc 2)

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