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2010 Feminist Porn Award Nominee

Gentleman Jack holds a secret grudge against young, blonde maid Alice and is awaiting a chance to take vengeance on her for the rejection of his advances. One rainy day he gets the opportunity - and ravishes the young virgin in an intense emotion-filled scene that explodes off the scene. Intoxicated by their afternoon of lust, Jack and Alice set out to sexually liberate the repressed ladies around them.
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Cast & Stars: A Man With A Maid - Tales Of Victorian Lust

Comments on A Man With A Maid - Tales Of Victorian Lust

Editor's Review

What better way to top of a week during which you've stuffed yourself silly with every comfort food known to (American) mankind than something a little sweet? Sweet Sinner just came out with a historical romp in the hay just in time for the holidays - yay! Add to that I none parental theme and the insurmountable talents of James Deen and you've got a recipe for the perfect post Thanksgiving treat in my book.

The sound on this one isn't great, which is a pity since there's a lengthy bit of exposition during the opening credits that's hard to hear. The plot is pretty simple the head of the house lusts after the maid and conceives of a plan to lock in alone with himself in a sound proof room with the full intentions of deflowering her. The dialogue and the layers (though abbreviated) of clothing helped conjure a fantasy of the Victorian era that's always a super hot setting for romances. All it lacked was a literal bit of bodice ripping to make the similarity more perfect than perfect.

Fans of romance novels are usually horribly disappointed with straight up porn. Porn is far too extreme for their demure imaginations and usually finds it difficult to straddle the necessary line between dominance and submission, willing, wanting and protesting that romance novels fans desire. "A Man With A Maid - Tales Of Victorian Lust" does a really good job of attempting to tackle that romantic divide, the dialogue hints at resistance and when combined with real orgasms there's little way that this movie will be anything but hotter than hot.

Of course there's no pleasing everyone, if you're not a fan of romance novels then the plot of this one will seem rather on the sacrine side. And there's always been something about Sweet Sinner movies that tends to come out as a bit 'off' for me, in this particular feature it's all this talk of 'ravaging' women. On the one hand it along with the historical theme makes the film feel far more like a romance novel but it also makes things seem a lot less fun than the usual safe sane and consensual stuff. Even if it is an act I'm usually convinced to fast forward through these bits with the begging.

This particular movie has something none of the Sweet Sinner productions have had up until this point as far as I know - a lesbian scene and threesomes! If only the women hadn't tanned so much before their scene and it had been a less forceful scene about shared pleasure and comfort in trying times when the men around them suck it would have been perfect (cause I like a good story that's marginally lore correct). Yes I know all that matters is the sex, which is actually a good deal more passionate than the straight scene before it. Good stuff.

All in all I'm left loving the sexing in this movie but mostly hating the dialogue and script over all (I'm a horror girl not a romantic one). Sadly I'm noticing a trend with Sweet Sinner, the sex is always hotter than hot but their idea of erotica almost always makes me go yuck-a-do. In this rare instance though, I really wouldn't care too much if there wasn't a plot at all because, yes, the sex is that hot!

theedman says:
Scenes 4 5 are truly fantastic. Elexis Maggie are great in girl on girl videos, but this one shows how beautiful passionate they can be with a cock. This is definitely a home run well worth the vi

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