Sperm Swap 7

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SUMMARY: With European precision, Raul Cristian executes the art of snowballing - two girls swapping fresh sperm between their mouths - in six dependably over-the-top incidents of high-energy sexual depravity. Sperm Swap 7 lays out a generous menu of anal, double-penetration and throat-fucking, with the dessert in every case a sticky-sweet helping of tangy ball-juice. Tina Gabriel, Stella Baby, Barbie Pink and Victoria Shine are among the dine-and-dash Euro-dolls earning their sweets with feats of sexual derring-do!

Scene one: Linda Brown is a gorgeous 32-year-old Romanian brunette, and Honey Winter is a Budapest bottle blonde in her 20s, and they look great in contrasting-color peek-a-boo dresses and fuck-me heels as they make out and grab each other's natural breasts. Camera woman Clara G interviews them and lends a friendly femme hand during their lesbian interlude, pushing Honey's face further into Linda's dark, meaty pussy. The pair moan their way through simultaneous pleasure before eurostuds Lauro Giotto and Mugur storm into the action, circling the girls like a pair of face-fucking sharks. When the girls show they can take it, the boys push their cocks even further down their throats. Then the guys start fucking them, Linda getting banged from behind as she grabs the dick out of Honey's cunt so she can suck on it and lick where it's been. The girls get simultaneously pounded in reverse cowgirl, and then cowgirl, with brief face-fucking and pussy-to-mouth breaks interspersed. Looking like a precision fucking team, the foursome move together into spoon, standing and piledriver positions. After lots more frantic action, the guys stroke off into Linda's stretched-open mouth, and she shares it with Honey.

Scene two: Tammy and Tina Gabriel are another blonde/brunette combo. Tammy, fair and plush, is a curly-haired blonde 21 year old, and Tina is a dusky, taller brunette of 25. They stand In Raul's kitchen in their skimpy outfits, being interviewed, groping each other's large breasts, and letting Raul cop a few feels. Tina goes down on Tammy's shaven pussy and then both of them crawl very slowly across the floor in search of cock. They're rewarded by the appearance of Mugur and Choky Ice, who quickly take advantage of the pair of hungry mouths. Tina sucks Mugur's balls while feeding his cock to Tammy, who has been Choky's face buried in her ass. The creative daisy-chains continue as the two couples fuck near each other on every available surface, from kitchen counter to floor. Brunette Tina accepts both loads into her mouth, and shares the goo with Tammy, as Raul's hand comes from behind the camera to push their heads together.

Scene three: Sharon and Natalie are two half-dressed young brunettes wandering the grounds when Raul finds them and starts exploring their personal geographies. Both girls are tanned with sexy bellies; Sharon is short and has small but beautifully nippled boobs, while tall Natalie pulls aside her top to flash her more generous rack. Raul guides them to a sunny grotto, where the two girls flash and play with each other's privates. Choky Ice and Lauro Giotto come out for a splash and go straight for the girls. Choky bends Sharon over the ropes of the bridge across the shallow grotto, while Natalie squats into a reverse-cowgirl with Choky, her tits bouncing fetchingly in the noon-day sun as she holds her arms behind her back. After some more grotto sex, the foursome repair to a grassy knoll, where the split up and fuck next to each other, the girls sneaking feels of each other's tits as the boys slam their pussies. Sharon shows off her sluttiness by getting double-penetrated in both her pussy and ass as Natalie spits on the combined genitals and sucks her friend's boobs. Finally, Natalie stares up with big eyes as the guys deposit their loads on her tongue, Raul curtly directing her to keep her mouth open and not to swallow. He directs the two girls step by step through their snowball, finally allowing them to swallow on his command.

Scene four: Stella Baby is blonde, Barbie Pink is brunette, and they're both sultry and insinuating as they curl up on the couch, all long lanky legs and torsos. They stand to show off their tight asses for Raul, who pokes at them, testing for tautness. The girls strip each other in a sexy, slightly clumsy way, gazing at the camera as if it might be their first time together. Raul spreads Barbie's pink ass cheeks and spits on her puckered hole, pushing her face to the carpet and directing Stella's face into it. Mugur and Giotto appear, and go for Barbie, sinking cocks into her asshole and throat as Stella spits between her friend's cheeks for lubrication. Stella takes over the cocksucking while Barbie continues to be sodomized, until it's time for a round-robin of cocksucking. Barbie continues to take it up the ass with a vengeance, as Stella sucks constant dick and has her pussy stretched by some hard fucking. Barbie gets double-penetrated in doggie, and is reduced to a total sex slave, her girlfriend sitting on her face while the guys take turns railing her ass and getting handjobs from her. Stella steps up and takes the two shots to the mouth, the guys stroking their seed out onto her tongue. She dribbles the mess down into Barbie's maw and Raul crows with satisfaction.

Scene five: Rose is a curvy, nubile baby-faced young Romanian slut, and Victoria Shine is a slightly older Hungarian trollop with a trim figure and worldly way. She and Raul peel off sexy Rose's panties, exposing the dark crack of her ass and her chubby labia. She smiles and starts moaning as her ass gets spanked. Once they're both naked, Raul leads them into his rumpus room, shoving a buttplug up Victoria's ass. "Boys," he calls, and Mugur and Choky Ice enter the room, plugging their hard pricks into the girls' mouths. "No hands," chides Raul to Rose, and she gets face-fucked so she'll remember the rule. Meanwhile, Victoria sucks cock so hard her buttplug pops out, but Raul reinserts it. Rose gets face-fucked by two of the guys, as Titus Steel enters the scene and takes over throat-jamming duties on Victoria, as Raul pumps the plug in and out of her ass. One cock jumps in and starts fucking her pussy; every time the plug pops out, it gets stuffed back in. Meanwhile, Rose is having her tasty-pussy split open in a sideways fuck showing off her figure. Victoria gets double-penetrated in doggie and missionary, while Rose tries to keep up by taking a hard cock in her now-reddened cunt as her mouth gets continually stretched. After a backwards piledriver, one of the guys fucks her with four fingers until she comes to a screaming orgasm that they slap out of her. Victoria takes first position in the snowball maneuver, stretching her mouth like she was at the dentist and nearly gagging at the first shot. The second and third shots hit the bullseye, and the guys helpfully grasp her skull and hold her over Rose so she can drool the cum into the other girl's belly. Raul makes Victoria lick up what she missed from the floor and feed it to Rose. The girls walk off hand-in-hand as Raul complains about "those sloppy bitches."

Scene six: Raul has brunette Lucy and blonde Crystal Ann squatting, asses-out, in the back of his truck, waiting to be unloaded. In their frilly underwear, the girls do a pose-off in the driveway, before we fade to them crawling on their hands and knees across Raul's living room floor. He spanks their asses until they reach the sofa, and then twists Crystal's inviting nipples as she reveals her full, natural, perfectly shaped breasts. The girls explore each other's bodies and strip down as Raul reaches in for the occasional handful. Lining them up asses out on the sofa, he approaches with a dildo with a nightstick handle that he jams up Crystal, making her moan and gasp with the effort. Next the toy goes up slim Lucy's ass, earning similar grunts. Their asses stretched, Raul perches them on a couple of bar stools. Mugur walks up behind Lucy and inserts himself in her anus, as Raul shoves the toy back up Crystal Ann's culo. When they switch, Crystal Anne moans at the euro-dick invading her colon and Raul chides, "She's a big baby." Mugur takes over toy duty, fucking one girl up the ass with his dick and he sodomizes the other with the toy. The girls line up to give him pleasure, leaning back with their heads dangling to the floor, so that his cock has a straight line down their throats. Raul slaps them and calls them bitches, and exclaims with pleasure when Crystal can't help but spit up around Mugur's cock as it mercilessly pounds her throat. Lucy crawls over to lick his balls and offer her own mouth. After much more ass-fucking, Lucy goes point and takes Mugur's load in her mouth, transferring it to Crystal's so she can swallow on Raul's command.
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