The Best Of Trust Justice (Disc 2)

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Scene One: Trust Justice 3: Gianna, Justice Young: Gianna, the large breasted, full figured hotty featured on the front cover, was up first as she complained about the lack of matching apparel worn by director Justice Young as they hung out on the street. She was wearing a low cut top and blue jean shorts, wanting to buy him a hat but expecting a "favor for a favor" in return. This day, she said it was all about him, visiting a talented street artist and flashing the guy in public; giving the world a show while shopping and driving around too. She commented about a movie she was in called Black Snake Bitches that was made for another company. The first sex of the show came about when she gave Justice some road head, the slurping noises giving me some wood even if the camera work was understandably weaker than normal. Once they got back to the "crib" she continued her oral assault in POV mode, adding in some titty fucking and the usual active vaginal romp expected of her. He got slightly rough with her but she was turned on and pretty much demanded he do so, coaxing him to get more hardcore with her as he smacked her ass and choked her a little. After several positions of chemistry-filled, enthusiastic screwing, Justice unleashed his genetic juice all over her face and head, making me wonder how long it had been since he busted a nut. Whew!

Scene Two: Trust Justice 2: Amy Reid, Justice Young: Amy Ried, a popular hotty with enough attitude to show anyone (even Justice) who is boss, was up next in a scene from the second volume of the series. She displayed her skills with a firearm at the pistol range, hitting the target as often as not while dressed in her slutty little pink dress (with pattern). They then moved into a sporty little red sports car, moving to the secluded driveway where she stripped naked and dropped to her knees to blow him. The hummer was enthusiastic and helped establish some chemistry between them, tonguing his balls as she worked his shaft. The superior hummer was followed by Justice eating her out like a tasty treat, the couple actively boning vaginally in several positions to prove they really got off on one another. They were laughing and joking around throughout the fun scene too, the ending showing him jerking off a load of population pudding on her face for swallowing.

Scene Three: Trust Justice 4: Daisy Marie, Justice Young: Daisy Marie, a pants python-loving Latina with a cold streak, was up first as the "smoking" hotty hooked up with Justice Young, the couple on a mission to acquire a rodent to feed her pet. The idea of starting a scene off this way put me off a bit and for the record, I used to keep reptiles myself, but it was the manner in which Daisy seemed to get off when her snake attacked the rat that sent a shiver up my spine. There was a tour of the house (she had a LOT of shoes) and a short burst of blowjob action, the feeding event interrupting the sex until it was done. The couple then went to the bed where they orally pleased each other with a degree or two of energy, moving into various positions of vaginal sex. Daisy pushed back to meet his thrusts and genuinely appeared to want to have sex with him, his initial attempts to warm her up paying off in spades. My biggest complaint about the scene (other than the feeding matter), was that Daisy seemed to put so much emphasis on performing rather than just enjoying herself, looking at the camera instead of him a bunch. He choked her a few times and she took his wealth of genetic juice to her face easily enough, the scene finishing off with a smile thanks to their personal chemistry.

Scene Four: Trust Justice 3: Chayse Evans, Justice Young: Chase Evans, a redhead "with skills" that included a love of bowling, was up next as she tried to beat Justice Young at the game. Her purple outfit looked like it wasn't the best choice of attire for the physical activity, Chase heating up as the day wore on. She teased him during a quick game of air hockey too, the deal being that when one gained a point, they had to flash each other. Justice cleaned up here and the traffic could be seen driving by the picture window they were in front of, the dynamic continued in public after she gave him some head by the table but flashed in the car as well. Chase seemed a little bit flaky but it was the fun kind of flaky welcome in my place anytime she likes. They took a trip to the house of the infamous Jonas, the awesome place looking great to me. They met up with Jonas and his wife Holly Wellin, Holly looking hotter without make up if you ask me. Chase and Justice then went to the bed where they engaged in carnal activity, some oral and vaginal plowing showing these two to be the porn equivalents of Olympic athletes. There was some breath play here too, more than the previous scene, but Chase was adamant about what she wanted, joining in to choke herself along the way. Her oral was fine and she was an active rider to boot, elevating the quality of the scene to come close to Gianna's heated romp (which is a high compliment coming from this reviewer). She seemed to get off on the guy at every step too, pounding herself silly as she impaled her pussy on his dick. The scene ended with a healthy facial but some may care more about how many times she seemed to get off, marking another reason why this will be a favorite of mine for some time to come. Yum!

Scene Five: Trust Justice 2: Alexis Love, Justice Young: Alexis Love, a sweet little Latina with a lean figure and pleasing demeanor to match, was up next enjoying herself with Justice Young at the carnival. They played all those rigged games and after winning some cheesy prizes, they got frisky in a game room by a glass door (for everyone to see). Her naked body was lithe and ready to rumble, her oral skills showing some rough edges but also a willingness to learn, the gal impaling herself on his penis for some vaginal riding right after. They screwed on the pool table and couch but the placement was not an issue since they were showing such chemistry, the eventual facial gracing her face (of course!).

Scene Six: Trust Justice 1: Eva Angelina, Justice Young: Eva Angelina, a popular superstar currently up for numerous awards, was up first as she hooked up with Justice Young on moving day. She kind of tricked him into helping her but the payoff was what most of us would have expected, the gal initially paying him off in the shower before moving to the bed. They fucked a bunch after some minor blowjob action (that kept him out of view thanks to the shower door). Eva was looking very natural this time, no less appealing to me but less glamorized for those of you that might appreciate the look. He banged her in a standing doggy before the abrupt (too abrupt) edit of them on the bed in a similar position where he was tapping that sweet cookie of hers. She was more enthusiastic when on top but it was an active vaginal ride where she appeared to be getting off for real, showing some chemistry for Justice; employing dirty talk as she playfully rode his cock (with minimal PTM). It ended when he rubbed out a load of population pudding to her face, Eva saying she "loved it" and thanking him for the help moving (note to Eva: I'll help you move next time...). It was a good starting scene despite the technical limitations, Eva a world class gal all the way.

Scene Seven: Trust Justice 1: Mikayla, Justice Young: Mikayla, a busty brunette built for speed, was up next with Justice Young as the two went to the pistol range to enjoy their Second Amendment rights. They did a pretty good job so they celebrated by shopping, winding up in bed where she offered to keep on her shoes as though it would appeal to him. This led to her blowing him in POV fashion, really working the meat pipe to the bone as she savored the taste before climbing on top of him to give a very active ride. The vaginal sex showed her in good form, taking charge and showing him what she was made of; Justice even setting the camera up in a static position to get the action midway through. She did PTM and then moved into a 69 before some titty fucking, resuming the POV camera style for more missionary work (so to speak) that led to the facial.

Scene Eight: Trust Justice 1: Shyla Stylez, Justice Young: Shyla Stylez, a chesty blond hotty with superb curves, was up next as she sunbathed in her neon green bikini on the beach, the gal getting rough in the car with Justice Young after he gave her a ration of shit. The scene then jumped to the pair in bed where she started blowing him, banging her head as she stripped off her tight jeans but quickly resuming her oral work on his nuts and shaft in the POV flavored scene. While skimping on the titty fucking portion of the scene (it still looked hot), she moved right into an active vaginal ride where she performed as though getting off. The PTM between scenes showed her affinity for the taste of her own juices but even though the chemistry seemed less than in a few of the previous scenes, Shyla gave it up like a champ as she impaled herself on his dick. The scene finished up with a multitude of static positions as the camera was set down to get them focused; Shyla claiming to swallow the load that was mostly left to the imagination (except for the little bit on her chin).

Scene Nine: : Ann Marie Rios, Justice Young: Ann Marie Rios, the attractive gal featured on the front cover, was up next with Justice Young in the car, the man admitting to be a bit under the influence of an herbal variety. Once they left the car and went inside, Ann teased with her sweet ass, her thong pulled well between her crack. The couple then showered together, Justice going down on her and the shower cap-clad lady caressing him to encourage more. The tenderness of the action led to a blowjob that was later continued on the bed, her aggressive style really cranking things up as she made a bunch of noises and otherwise tore into the pecker. He then vaginally boned her like he owned her, Ann intermittently active in her chosen profession with Justice mugging for the camera this time. There was some choking and he rubbed one out to her face, Ann claiming he tried to get some of the spew in her eyes while sporting a glazed donut look to finish up.

Scene Ten: Trust Justice 3: Alexis Amore, Justice Young: Alexis Amore, a curvy little Latina with a great attitude, was up last as she drove Justice Young around town on their "date", the guy recording it as he interviewed her from the passenger's seat. They ended up in a restaurant where she flashed him under the table, the lady describing in detail exactly what she was going to do when they got back home. Playful Alexis fit the dynamic of the show just fine, the grainy tease footage a result of the lack of lighting. Alexis was distracting the man off his game, talking to him in such a way that he couldn't keep track even before the titty flashing (Justice offering to marry her after she told him she wanted to be choked and otherwise roughed up). He gave her some head at the table too, Alexis reciprocating in the convenience store and on the outside of the store as cars drove by. She was scared of getting caught but flashed her ample titties as they drove, pulling over to park but picking up where they left off inside the house. This included some hand to gland combat by Alexis and a nice bit of additional head, moving into several bouts of vaginal sex where she was on her game better than ever in terms of actively riding the cock. They liked each other, really liked each other at that, and the chemistry combined with the energy and enthusiasm made this a great ending scene to appreciate. There was some of the choking she demanded earlier too, marking how Alexis was in charge of what she wanted at all times, a modern day lady that secure men should find a great bed buddy! After her pussy was stretched out by the pounding it took, Justice eventually rubbed out a wad of semen to her face, a wad larger than the rest! Yes!
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