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Lesbian Tutors #10

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It's the Grand Opening of Excelsior Properties and project manager Melissa Monet certainly has her hands full. After she finds out about secretary Jada Fires birthday, she slows down to appreciate Jada with flowers, a dinner invitation, and more. Writer Dia Zerva is looking for a rental, agent Jana Jordan shows Dia a property that provides her with inspiration for her next story. Meanwhile Ginger Lynn moves in and it's up to HOA Prez Zoe Britton to keep her in line. When Stephanie Sage is referred to psychologist Ariel X for a sex addiction, Ariel decides that Stephanie needs a tutor, not a psychologist.
Clip 1 - 24 mins 46 secs

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Clip 2 - 23 mins 38 secs

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Clip 3 - 32 mins 59 secs

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Clip 4 - 27 mins 48 secs

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Comments on Lesbian Tutors #10

Editor's Review

You hire a tutor to help you with algebra, or to prep you for the GREs, so it only makes sense to utilize that same sort of assistance in the sexin' department - especially if you are trying something totally new. And nobody knows this more than the ladies of Triangle Films! In this, their 10th volume of the fabulously sexy Lesbian Tutors series, director Kathryn Annelle wastes no time getting these super hot ladies to "crack the books" and show each other the lady lovin' ropes. And lucky us - this four scene installment features the amazing skills of Jada Fire, Melissa Monet, Dia Zerva, Ariel X, Ginger Lynn and more! Ladies, get ready for lesson 10!

Each of the four scenes had their own appeal and swoon-worthy parts, but the one that kept my finger on the rewind button (read: I need to see that again!) was the opener - the exxxtra sexy pairing of Jada Fire and Melissa Monet.

Ever since I met Melissa Monet a few weeks ago and spent a little time chatting about her porno experience, I've been keyed up to watch her on screen again. I mean, she was getting super into it just talking about her scenes with some women, so I knew it would be nothing short of electric to really see her in action. Let's just say I was far from disappointed.

Kicking off the movie with the lovely Jada Fire, Monet easily slides into lover mode after a smattering of dialogue (which honestly isn't amazing, but far from the worst I've ever seen) and within minutes the clothes start to fly. It's not long before Jada has her legs wrapped tightly around Melissa's head, holding her in a leglock that is pure ecstasy. And that orgasm? Totally 100% real and totally 100% megahot! In fact, that's actually one of my favorite things about Triangle Films - they let their performers fuck and whole-heartedly enjoy themselves. How often do you hear that in porn? Not very often, I'm sure. Yet it truly makes the movie - and my experience watching it.

I may have been around the dildo a few times myself, but I never get bored of watching ladies get busy with each other for the first time - even if it's just a porno fantasy first time. If you're nodding in agreement, get to watchin' - you won't be sorry!

tonguelady says:
Hot and passionate is how I would describe scene 1. It has everything to get you HOT and I mean smoking hot. Those are the best and prettiest chocolate tits I have ever seen. I loved every minute.

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